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Your help to tweak the cameras a bit

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I want to do those two things basically :


- I want to change the F5 camera to fully roll together with the plane (like Shift-F5 "check six" does)

- I want to be able to zoom the FOV in external view (either in F6 view itself or in a new camera)


i messed already a little with the ini file (viewlist.ini i think it is?) : enabled FOV zoom = true in "external view" (not sure if thats the F6 or refers in general to all external views. i can't find specificaly the F6 view entry) and tried the "Focus to object only" (?) entry in F5 "chase" (i think is called "shoulder view" entry?) modified it to true, but the results were that zooming became FOV zoom in all external views, not just F6, and the camera in the chase F5 view although now bound to aircraft roll, moved on the plane (fin?) like the "check six" Shift-F5 view and also once hitting F5 now all views show the new F5 "chase view" instead of their original camera view

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