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First Eagles Newbie

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I found First Eagles a few weeks ago and received it yesterdayby mail.


I am very happy to have a WW1 Game. Unfortunately I saw just now, that menawhile there is allready "FE 2"


But I think there are a lot of Addons and Stuff for FE.


So what are the definitily neccessary Patches for First Eagles? I am not quit sure which one are the right ones.

And should I first install the patches and after that looking for new planes, maps and other Addons?


I searched here of course for informations but it would be great to get some help from you guys.




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ThirdWire games are normally patched to the latest patch when sold, if not go here and download the latest FE1 patch: http://www.thirdwire.com/downloads.htm


You did not say if your FE1 was the Gold version or not. If it is the Gold version, you have all the "official" FE planes, now you just need to add any additional planes that are located here at CombateAce.


The main difference between FE1 and FE2 is that FE1 was originally made for single core PC's, were FE2 is made to support multicore PC's. As a result, if you have a multicore PC, FE2 runs faster (about twice as fast on my i7 PC) than FE1, plus FE2 have DX10 capabilities (better detail graphics), but game wise both are pretty much the same.

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Hej Panama Red!


Thanks for the response. I think I made the right choice. My PC has only a Single Core and i bought FE1 but not Gold.


I will check which Version I have, I think I can see it somewhere in the mainmenu.


And after doing some flying with the original version I will check all the addons.

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