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  1. A Couple Noob Questions

    1. No, the WOFF dev's removed the personal FOV settings because it was causing memory crashes in the game. 2. Use your arrow keys on the number pad and it will move your view like your joystick POV. 3. Not that I know of, but some one else may know.
  2. Cobra AH 1 ?

    Go buy Yankee Air Pirate 2, it has that and many more planes and choppers.
  3. With SF2, you ALWAYS, ALWAYS use the "folder" method to add weapons or guns, not the Weapons Editor or Gun Editor. Using the Weapons Editor or Gun Editor in the SF2 series gets you into more trouble than not.
  4. Ordering WOFF soon

    OFF and WOFF are separate games, thus can co-exist inside your OBDSoftware folder. You will need a more powerful CPU and GPU to really play WOFF at the same settings as OFF. It also really helps the FPS in WOFF to use the AnKor Shadow mod, because he transfers a lot of the CPU load over to the GPU like modern games do.
  5. New Airfield Objects by Geezer

    Or you can take existing "Terrain.ini" file and substitute his new items for existing items in that file (which you can do your self).
  6. Be careful, the newer the patch the more restricted the game is. TK has slowly taken away more and more modding ability as time has gone on when it comes to the SF2 series.
  7. FE2 Mod Question

    Which one is closer to being finished ???
  8. FE2 Mod Question

    I believe in finishing something first before progressing to the next. What I mean is if you can complete China before moving to the Desert, then do China first.
  9. Not particularly, but I use v2.6.0.157 only because I think it was the last version produced.
  10. Yes, I use it for all my SF2/FE2 games. You just have to put the JSGME.exe into the main mod folder: (example - StrikeFighters2 Vietnam Expanded) to get to work correctly.
  11. You could always use the JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME) like I do.
  12. There is a LOT of discussion over at SimHQ about the Albatrosses FMs and the Dev's said that they would look at them and let us know.
  13. JSGME for WOFF...

    All the JSGME mods made so far have been made with the JSGME.exe located in the main WOFF folder. That makes a MODS folder one step below, or equal with the OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields folder.
  14. If you start a new post asking new specific questions, you are probably more likely to have other people answer your questions than if somebody has to read all the way to the bottom of this thread. Part of the "buzzing" around you is written into the AI routine of each plane, so until you move up to that step, you may have to live with that for awhile. Different formations will help but not completely eliminate this problem, try them and see how you like them. After all, like I said way up the thread, one of the strengths of FE/FE2 is that you can mod "almost" everything once you figure it out. And congratulations, you are now on the way to an enjoyable FE2 career.
  15. Read this about "Mod" folder: http://combatace.com/topic/62302-what-is-the-mod-folder/

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