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F-4E_Kurnass_78 SF2I Skin Pack

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F-4E_Kurnass_78 SF2I Skin Pack

SF1 (original) Read Me:



F-4E Kurnass skins by Sundonwer.


Jus put into your F-4 Kurnass folder for WOI and go fly.


For WOI only.












SF2 Read Me:


Sundowner was kind enough to give me the "OK" to upload these excellent skins!


Copy/paste the contents of each folder to the proper folder files.


Make sure you make the added changes to your "textureset"


I name the decal folders after the "stock" Kurnass_78 folder (IDFCamo 1). If you want to adapt to Kurnass_73 or_75, you need to make the name changes and decal changes accordingly.



Note: The decals files does not really need to be added... Since Sundowner did a great job on how the skin is apply to the model.

But in case it does not work for you for some reason it is best to add it to your decal folder.


Credit: Mr. Sundowner


Input Credits: Thanks to the guys... Wrench, STORM, Spinners, hgbn, daddyairplanes



Have a good fight!


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To all,


An error was discovered after I uploaded the skin pack. On IDFCamo 3 under the decal files, the skin mash is still indicating Kurnass_73. Just to make it proper, please rename each skin mash to Kurnass_78 (just copy the exact name of each skin and place _78 instead of _73) Example: F-4E_IDF_73_1 to F-4E_IDF_78_1.

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