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  1. Dels, awesome workmanship as expected...! A great addition.
  2. Mue, thank you for your update and congrats on the new house. If you can make your #1 to work... that would be a great asset!
  3. Del, I have yet to fly your superb Herc fleet, but I have no doubt that it is excellent in everyway! Cheers!
  4. yunped Good for you that you made a statement. I was going to make a post but you already beat me to it. Between the two thread post (one here on the general discussion and the other being on the screen shot thread). I ask kindly to all members? Who are we to quickly to judge the lack of authenticity of someone's work? One cannot assume that someone is incapable-of or did not do the work because they are not a member, have not being a member for a long time, or show no historical timeline of the work involved? You cannot assume the worst of people based on what happen in the past.... the past of plagiarism by some people and post their stuff on CA. Also, great skill and artist comes from many different background and ethnicity. CAUCASIANS are not the only people on this planet. Modders does not exist just in North America or in Europe. Just because the bad Chines and some other ethnic group did the wrong deed of copying other's work... does not mean that all Chinese or the other ethnic group are all bad people. Stop being ignorant and stupid. Prior to this post, I did a little checking and PM work.... and discovered what "yunped" already stated. He contributed to this community in the past by making the KF-1 and KF-2. Funny, back then no one criticize his work or motive? In fact, many prominent modders congratulate him and thank him for the upload. I am certain "yunped" did not have any bad intent to make people pay his work from this website, but to promote his work on his own website. Yes, CA is an excellent site for FREE items being uploaded from great artist from all over the world and lets always be appreciative and be thankful for it. But there is nothing wrong of someone wanting to be compensated for his work. If you like something and think the price is right, you will pay for it to get it... I want to thank the founders of CA and ALL who have contributed to this great website... Combatace!!! Thank you all
  5. Just saw this, can't wait to get home and give her a spin! Excellent workmanship Florian! Thank you. Jat, thanks for the avionics update!
  6. Florian, thank you... I see your Map section of the Material Editor. Almost understand it now... Heading to work, I will get back to you in a few days via PM and send you a short setup. Thank you very much.
  7. Yes, I have tried that... no go. Florian, thanks for the example... However, I am not sure what I am suppose to look for on your "exact" setup that you have posted? Do I have to "unwrap UVW" to see the result? Because so far I have just completed all the parts that I wanted and wanted to add the "slimmers" alone with it... I do want the slimmer to "glow" not just show up on the game. Just to let you know, my 3d Max skill is still pretty low on ability...
  8. I have tried to make a functioning slimmer using the fake pilot. Unfortunately it does not show up glowing at all once place in game. Does anyone know for sure making a slimmer using the fake pilot method does not work? The glow does show up when I render it... but not in game. Thank You
  9. Thanks MigMaster, I am trying to find the information you spoke of...
  10. If anyone has an idea about my situation I am all ears...? I have not play DCS for a very long time. I had to reformat my computer, the files were deleted. When I bought a series of games from Eagle Dynamics. The versions were the 1.2.7 and the 1.2.10??? I bought: FC3, A-10C, UH-1H, KA-50, and CA Thinking I want to get back to the game, I try to reinstall them... UNABLE. And somehow the new website does not have my purchase history or licensing available? My assumptions is... that the games that I bought are now useless... unless I buy them again with the new level at 1.5.2?
  11. I assume you have the Max files? Would it be possible that you just do all of the "variants" for all the users of the Mirage 2000? This way, no need to use the "fake pilot method" Thanks Russouk
  12. Eder6, Not sure what the cause it? It works good with my installed... I had issues before where I was unable to lock or fire a BVR on a target, but I believe it is the game and not the install? Because after rebooting the issue went away? As for firing at a friendly, did you use the Y key to lock on your blue force? Again, I do not know what the issue is? I am able to kill my blue force... The RWR warning should work, it is in your Cockpit folder under the RWR folder with the RWR.LST. You might want to go to each of the aircraft avionic.ini and scroll down until you reach [RWR], on the last line... try to change the RWR.lst to RWR. LST, it should not make a difference but at this point anything is possible? Again, I find it, at times, it is not the file but the game itself on the computer; plus it is a BETA and there is a chance I have missed something as stated on my readme. Cheers I need to do an update when time permits...
  13. F-4E AUP

    Volker and the support team, "Danke sehr"... it is "herrliche!!!"
  14. Su-33_TVC and the regular Su-33... The IRST is just a camera. Although, using it as a locking system would need more study and testing.
  15. Su-27M/Su-37 - 2D TVC (a better model than the one on the download section) and Su-35S - 3D TVC: Modifying, tweaking, and adding effects before making a template and skin... Made the IRST viewable.

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