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  1. Hello All, It is great to see new members contributing to this awesome community. I wish I have the time to work on projects and even play the SF2! This thread is to thank our long time community member, modeler, and a great friend 'Logan4' I have to look up the original modeler for this beautiful F-5E (on the other computer), so far the most accurate (test photos). I did some modifications and worked on the templates. Logan made all the necessary accessories (fake pilot) for the various air forces/navy/marine/private contractor. His F-5E fuel tank is being contributed for the IIRAN Mirage F1... Thanks to Dave, Fates, Erik, MK2 and all the people involved for keeping this webpage alive and available all these years... and many more years to come! Thank you.
  2. Hello All... Back in 2015, Talking to JAT81500 and dtmdgradon, we were discussing the issue that I felt would be nice if we can fixed it. That is the outer pylon on all the Team Viper F-16s are angle incorrectly. If anyone can take the time to fix the angle of the outer pylon that would be great!
  3. V-2 Falcon

    Pretty interesting... Very realistic!
  4. I'm sorry.

    For some reason, I launched another fighter jet first.

    SU-Z Serise is expected to be released within this year.

    I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

    V-2_1 Dark Navy.jpg

  5. As always... magnificent work! Do you plan to do the same for some of the F-4E and RF-4C?
  6. When I was doing my mod ... did not find any info. at the time. It is not a light of any kind... Some from of sensors...
  7. Excellent to see that you are getting as many of the details as possible! Please consider the following...
  8. Like I have said... excellent work! You do have a very long list! Hopefully you can update all of Marcelo's Flankers... not sure what you have? But he practically did all of them... If you can add the Su-27UB and the Su-33 (you did play with it in the past) that would be nice. If you do have them all... your consideration will be appreciated. A Su-27S and Su-27UB would be ideal... Thanks again for doing the work!!! Cheers!
  9. Happy to know that Russouk is refurbishing the old Su-27. I hope he will make the J-11A/B/BH to be added to the list. Nice work Russouk! You should just redo the entire fighter... Pitot, Ants., blisters, etc. I have this project for 5 years and I have not work on it for a very long time. Thank you Russouk...
  10. Mirage 4000 prototype

    Waiting my chance to fly this exceptional fighter when I get home. I am certain I will not be disappointed. Great Job! Cheers!
  11. Soulfreak, Unfortunately I do not... I lost a lot of my stuff when my computer went tango uniform early this year. I will check to see if I had it on my back up external drive?
  12. Thank you all... Soulfreak... yes, I already have those, thanks
  13. Hello All, This project started in November 2015! I started to share this project with two other guys Logan4 and Heberth around March of 2016. And here we are... First I want to thank the following individuals: Logan4 for the 3ds Max issues and Florian for showing me the slimmer technique. I want to thank Mue for his valuable tool program for making this project easier. Of course, thanks to Marcelo for his Su-27 model (I believe it is a 2007 model) so it is a old model but still useful. I will get to the point... I wanted to finish this project by 2016. Will, as you can see, there is still plenty to do before it is consider finish. The reasons are the same - time, family, work, interest, and anything else you can think of. The model is old and has issues with its UVMap and so a lot of items need to be modify or change just to make it close to what I wanted. So, any issues you will eventually see... most likely I already know. Now due to time and interest, at this point, I just want to finish it. There are plenty of issues and errors in this Mod but I am OK with it. Example: the MAWS on the forward fuselage of the J-11A_Upgrade is in the wrong position and the size could be bigger. My mistake was making the fake pilot mod before I made the new template and try to fit it in the proper place. However, using the old template and the size of the aircraft model, the position is pretty close... it is just the way the model was made that made it hard to fit in the right place. Anothere was the J-11B_AL-31F's top shield for the HUD was deleted, it was meant to be this way. The initial J-11B was to have a new hud and cockpit with AL-31F engines. It turns out that the eventual first J-11B was with a Holographic HUD and AL-31F engines. I just included that model for fun. Another example: The right main inner wheel well is not UV unwrap, so you are going to see the lower right wing textures instead, I did try to locate it using the Mue's tool... it is not there. Another example: The way the model was UV unwrapped, there are plenty of areas where it will "bleed" into different shapes. What I meant by that is... if you place a line (as in a panel line or a rivet) you will not see the panel line or the rivet... what you will see is a stretch mark or a blended or distorted line or spots of color. So things like these is what you are going to see as errors. Basically - size, shape, position, etc. will be adjusted as needed to make it look ok or fit. Finishing up the panel lines, making the stencils, markings, and adjusting the aircraft, etc... Thanks to CombatAce for being here and for its continuing support of the community for FREE! I thank CA for all the wonderful toys we get to play with! Hopefully I will finish this thing... Cheers! Ace888

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