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WeaponDataType & StoreType explanation

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0 - Bomb

1 - Missiles, Rockets

2 - Rocketpod

3 - Gunpod

4 - ECM pod, Laser pod, Recon Camera, USW

5 - Drop tank

6 - weaponracks, TER, MER, USW.




0 - Noise Jammer , Deceptive Jammer

1 - Dual-Mode Jammer

2 - Decoy Dispenser

3 - Laser designator

4 - Data Link

5 - Navigation

6 - Recon Camera




(Thanks to FrankD who found it for me in http://combatace.com/topic/60748-frage-zu-weaponstations-und-den-weapons-an-sich/page__p__455809#entry455809)

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