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"Gefügelte Worte -Winged Words" and more great finds

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Found this booklet as a PDF file in the website "German Luftwaffe". It expains all the

German words used by aviators, like "Emil" for the pilot, and "Franz" for the observer.

(In German we say about someone who lost track "er hat sich verfranzt" - this is from

the name for the observer, who also mostly did the navigation).








There was also this wonderful altimeter. It is a

Höhenmesser, ca. 1914 by Otto Bohne Nachf., Berlin (0 - 3500 Meter)




Here are two observer cameras from this lovely website:

Type: GOERZ AG Fliegerlichtbildgerät (ca. 1916)


To see more, click on "Equipment Catalogue WW I", there on "Equipment Catalogue" again,

and in the frame on the left, click on "Equipment type". You'll get a list to click on.

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Outstanding find, Herr Olham! And a great pic of that altimeter, very neat. Thanks for sharing Sir. :good:


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PS: I have added observer cameras - have a look there, if you are interested in cockpit instruments and stuff.

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