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MV-22 for SF2

This is the MV-22B Osprey v2.2 by Zurawski updated for the Strike Fighters 2 Series.


As well as updating it for SF2 I have added a few extra bits:


-The BAE Remote Guardian GAU 17 minigun turret. It can be loaded and unloaded via a dedicated weapons station but can be fired forwards by the pilot only.


-A ‘ghost’ BAE Remote Guardian GAU 17 minigun turret. This the best way I could represent the Remote Guardian turret engaging targets to defend the aircraft. What it is is a gunner station located in the correct position that fires the GAU 17 at any enemy air targets. However there is no 3d model to go with it. So what you get is the GAU 17 minigun turret that you can see and fire straight ahead. When the AI gunner engages a target you will see the muzzle flash and tracer fire coming from mid air in the area where the GAU 17 minigun turret is. If you don’t like the idea of this there is a second data.ini file you can use which will disable the AI gunner.


-Updated pilot skins


Note: has only been tested on an all game merged vertion of SF2 but should be fine on any individual installs (I hope)


Also make sure you read the original README for flight instructions etc


To install just place files in correct locations and over ride


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