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assigning Pilots to Squadrons

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After applying the Feb Update and the VPFA to my SF2V (which both are truly GREAT again!!!) I also added the VF-111 pilot to the game.


Here's my understanding to what one does:

- a new set of pilot files (.bmp, .ini and 2 .lod-files) gets added to the /Objects/Pilots

- one can assign, which pilot/s (front / backseater) shall be taken, by changing the/each aircraft's data.ini


and my question:

- can one assign by aircraft AND squadron, too? I'd love to see all my VF-111 ships manned with VF-111 pilots and VF-161 with VF-161 pilots respectively..... But when assigning pilot so-and-so to the F-4B_67 the same pilot is taken for all squadrons flying the B_67... (Currently I am running the B_67 with VF-111 as front- and VF-161 as backseater...) Can that be "fine-tuned" somehow?


Some addt'l info: I found there's a lot of new pilots in the /Objects/Pilots-list already (coming with the XP I guess), but the aircraft remained manned with the stock pilots (except for red ones) - which is totally fine for me.

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Hello Stringray77,


a possible way would be to create a squadron specific version of the plane, in which the only thing different would be the pilots.


Wrench will probably pop up with a more elegant solution though, so waiting for more inputs is probably worthwhile. ;-)

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