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P-51D Mustang, Fuerza Aérea - Ejército de Nicaragua (3W)

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P-51D Mustang, Fuerza Aérea - Ejército de Nicaragua (3W)

P-51D Mustang Skin & Decal Pak

Fuerza Aérea - Ejército de Nicaragua (Nicaraguan Army Air Force) -For 3W P-51D-


== For SF2, Full-4 Merged (at minimum, SF2:I +Expansion Pak 1) ==


-As stated above, you MUST have at the very least SF2I WITH expansion Pak 1, or you won't have access to the aircraft and it's cockpit.-


The is a partial reskin/redecaling of the stock 3rdWire P/F-51D Mustang into those as used by the FAN durning the 1950-70s (as many Latin American Air Forces used them for quite some time!!). Many of these aircraft took part in the (in)famous "Soccer War".


It represent's FAN Mustangs from the 1950 through their retiement in the 1970s.



Note: if you want to get the corrected lighting and operating canopy, you should (it's reccomended!) get this Mutang Upgrade Pak from the following URL:




Not only will it add the 100% historically correct lights, but it'll tweek up the USAF skin with proper decal placements, and serial numbers



This package has already been setup/broken down into the various sub-folder that SF2 needs (and requires) for ease of installation. (read: drag and drop)


As always, faily simple, easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included


Happy Landings!


kevin stein

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