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Windows 7 question please?

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Hello Gang


Please have a quick look at my screenshot...you will see I have 75mb of unnalocated space which I wanted to allocate to 'Steam' on the right...as it's getting full...can't work out how to...when i right clicked on the Steam section, the option to extend was greyed out (not enough room) so I shrank C:\ by 75mb in the hope it would go over to Steam?


If anyone knows how to sort this..or has a link to any free partition software (Norton Partition manager wont work with W7 64)..I'd be very grateful



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Win7 will not let you natively move partitions to the 'left'. In other words, if you have unallocated space, it can only be tagged onto the 'end' of a partition, not the 'beginning'.


Having said that, I've used this product:


Partition Wizard


Very simple and easy to understand interface, yet fairly powerful and I've used it successfully to move a MAC OSX, Win764, and WinXPMCE partitions around on the same hard drive with no loss of data.


Good luck!



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