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James Fox

F-4M_89_NZ Expansion

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F-4M_89_NZ Expansion

Spinners F-4M_89_NZ.


Modified by James Fox 12/04/2011.


Added addional SKins by Sundowner reworked by me to fit the stock F-4M_75 Thirdwire model and some by me plus a little tinkering here and there.


Decals by Spinners and some by me and the rest by ThirWire.



This is Freeware mod.


Very big thanks to Sundowner and Spinners for this mod to which I have only just added too and expanded a little.


Plus to ThirdWire and CombatAce.


PS. The contents of the Easter Egg Folder must go into the Stock ThirdWire SF2 F-4M_75 Folder, uses stock decals.This a bonus for those who do not want RNZAF aircraft.


I have used Spinners ReadMe, well what can I do it is perfect.


SPINNERS README:------------------------------------------------------------




This is a simple mod of the stock Third Wire Phantom FGR.2 (F-4M_75) to give a fictional 'Kiwi' Phantom

with markings for No.2 squadron of the Royal New Zealand Air Force as they might have appeared during

the 1990's.





During the build up to Operation Corporate (the UK's military operation to retake the Falkland Islands) the UK

Government were overwhelmed at the support given by the countries of the Commonwealth and, in particular,

the response of the Australian and New Zealand Governments who provided ships to maintain the UK's NATO

commitments and thus allow the Royal Navy to maximise the number of ships it could send to the South Atlantic.


In the following years there were many reciprocal deals made and favours given to the Commonwealth nations

(and even Chile!) and one such 'favour' was the transfer of 18 ex-RAF Phantom FGR.2's in 1988. The 18 FGR.2's,

only recently withdrawn from RAF service, were ferried out to New Zealand (most still in their dirty grey camo

scheme) during Operation Saddleback before arriving at Ohakea for refurbishment by a joint McDonnell Douglas

/RNZAF team that saw the aircraft eventually emerge in a new 'Forest' style camo scheme and with digital INAS,

upgraded RWR and new outer wing panels. Entering service with No.2 squadron in early 1989 (supposedly as the

Karearea but they were always simply called Phantoms) the aircraft gave good service to the Royal New Zealand

Air Force during the 1990's until finally being retired in December 2001 when, indeed, all 'Air Combat Force'

aircraft were sadly withdrawn from service.





1. Drop the F-4M_89_NZ folder into your Aircraft folder.


2. Drop the SUU-23G folder into your Weapons folder.


2. Sprinkle the contents of the Decals folder into your main Decals folder.


Do not just move the folder! You must empty the contents in.






BIG THANKS to TK for the continuous improvement of a great little game/sim.


And thanks to everyone in the wider Third Wire community.







Version 1 - 15/01/10







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