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Short History:


During Operation Desert Storm in 1991, Greece played a secondary role with its Hellenic Navy Kortenaer Frigate 'Elli'.

As a gesture of gratitude, the Bush Administration supplied the HAF with, among other equipment, a further 28 refurbished and upgraded F-4Es, Which came from the Indiana ANG's 113th and 163rd Tactical Figher Wings.

The ex-ANG models, knows as South Eastern Regional Amendament (SRA) among the Greek crews, were aging but extremely capable aircrafts.

All the F-4E_SRA were passed to 338 Squadron, which expanded its air-to-ground role.

During the HAF Peace Icarus 2000 program, all the F-4E_SRA from the 338 squadron were transferred to the 337 squadron.

In 2004 with the defence budget cuts, a number of fighters were withdrawn - including the 26 remaining F-4E_SRA Phantoms.

The last flight of the 337 squadron's SRA Phantom took place on May 29, 2006 when squadron commander Lt Col. Theodoros Syrmos deliverd his aircraft to Mikra Internation Airport, Thessaloniki for storage.


This is for SF2 merged install.


Contain the following Squadrons:


337 Squadron 'Ghost' (Fantasma)

337 Squadron HG II

337 Squadron Hill Grey II

337 Squadron Spartan

338 Squadron 'Ares'

339 Squadron 'Ajax'

Aegean Aggressor Pegasus

Aegean Aggressor Scorpion

Aegean Aggressor Zeus

Aegean Tiger


Additional Credit:


TK/Thirdwire Team


And all that have contributed to the Combatace Forum





14 April, 2011

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