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Anyone else met Georges Guynemer ?

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Just this morning I was wondering, when I would meet Georges Guynemer again in OFF.

I had met him once before, for two seconds only, when he came out of the sun alone in

his SPAD VII - he fired at us and was gone again, before we could chase him.


Today, I was sent out to attack a balloon south of Bapaume. After crossing the lines, we

(5 Albatros D.II from Jasta 2) sighted a flight of 5 Nieuports high, crossing over us. They

didn't seem to have seen us and continued flying west. I went lower quickly, and into the

haze. I thought we had fooled them.

But before I began to dive on the spotter, I checked my six, and there was that Nieuport

falling down on me, growing bigger very fast! After half a turn, I saw the others turning

with my flight behind me. I could place several rounds more or less in Guynemer's craft,

but he was squirming like a toad, and before I could hit him really hard, René Dorme

was at my tail. This time my opponent was too close - no way to shake him off. He hit

my engine; the nasty sound could only mean that I should run over to our lines, before it

would fail completely. In a distance, I saw Guynemer shooting up one of my wingmen,

while I zigzagged at treetop level, still receiving one or another round from Dorme.

Man, were they angry!




Did anyone else ever meet Guynemer in OFF?

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