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    WWI and Pioneering Flight sim modeler, 3D artist, using AC3D, TrueSpace, and Metasequoia.
  1. What do we need?

    Yeah that would be a problem with 3DS Studio needing 64 bit OS since I'm on XP. Also would have to be a freeware copy of 3DS studio.
  2. What do we need?

    OK, sounds like I'm not going to be able to do this after all.
  3. What do we need?

    OK what I'm noticing is about the exporter is, this is a plug-in for Studio Max? It's not a stand-alone .exe for Windows? Correct? I don't have Studio Max.
  4. What do we need?

    Sounds good, only one problem is that I model in MetasequoiaLE with an export to AC3D, so the models are in .ac format. I'm not sure what 3D form you folks use, it seems to be called a .lod but has no relation to the intermediate .lod used by FS-WWI. I have a few export options using Blender. Does this work?
  5. What do we need?

    I already am developing aircraft for FlightGear, FS-WWI and I have a backlog of older models from FlightGear, FS-WWI, and Targetware that I night be able to share. the list includes: Morane Saulnier BB and L-fighter Farman MF-11 in both 8C and 12 C engine versions Farman MF-7 Farman F40 Nieuport N12 Fokker E-I and M-10 AVRO 504 Voisin LA3 Halberstadt CL-II, D-II Albatros C-I, C-III and DI RAF FE4 I also have quite a few prewar pioneers. Cheers Lewis
  6. 1897 motorized bike with rotary engine in wheel.. The Millet..
  7. Merry Christmas to all. And yeah, I'm finding ways to recreate the Great War also, but in a different sim this time.. And a Happy New Year!
  8. Just keep thinking about when you get back home, all snug in your hangar..
  9. I realize this is sort of a retired thread, but can Office run on a standard vanilla install of OFF without the HitR update?
  10. Actually Northrup did build larger ones, the XB series of experimentals both propeller and jet powered the XB35 (image..) was powered by the same engines as it's competitor the early B36 by Convair. Because of the complex counter-rotational props, the XB35 had many maintenance issues, and the later XB49 jet version was faster and more reliable, but because of the narrow CG range was hard to trim for multiple bomb weights, and this finally killed the project for Northrup.
  11. Happy WOOF WOOF! we be barking Offers,
  12. Member of the 38% seems us late middle agers make up a fair amount of combat sim users. Compared to the really young crowd that flys online in FG I feel ancient sometimes. Happy mostly though. Cheers
  13. Isn't there a RAF BoB Hurricane based Museum somewhere near Lydd? I seem to recall they have a couple original MkIIa's out in the weather.

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