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Spitfire MkVb, No.401 Sqn RAF, 1942

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Spitfire MkVb, No.401 Sqn RAF, 1942

Spitfire MkVb, No.401 (Canadian) Sqn RAF, Gravesend, May 1942


Originally No.1 Sqn RCAF, the squadron became operational on Hurricane at Northolt in August 1940 after a period of in-theatre training. After the Battle of Britain, in which it was reasonably successful, it was moved to Prestwick in Scotland. Shortly after returning to the South to Digby in February 1941, it was renumbered to No.401 to avoid confusion with No.1 Sqn RAF. Spitfire MkIIs replaced the Hurricanes in September 1941, and were themselves replaced by MkVbs before the end of 1941. These aircraft remained until their replacement, in turn, with the new MkIX in the course of the late summer of 1942, making 401 one of the first squadrons to operate the MkIX. In October 1941, 401 had moved from Digby to Biggin Hill, carrying out offensive sweeps over Northern France.


Serial numbers in this pack correspond to MkVb aircraft used by 401 Squadron during 1942, although many of these aircraft were on strength only for some days, for obvious reasons. Where a pilot has been identified as having flown a particular aircraft (The Royal Air Force did not attribute aircraft to particular pilots, although many did tend to have their favourites) that pilot has been listed in the menu. Aircraft of note are Pilot Officer Don Blakeslee's BL753 'H' and Pilot Officer Don Morrison's BM373 'F'. Aircraft appearing in the menu without an asterisk carry the correct individual letter for that aircraft.


This Ocean Grey/Dark Green/Medium Sea Grey Day Fighter Scheme was introduced wef August 1941, although its implementation lasted up until at least the end of 1941. This original shade of Ocean grey, not to be confused with the shade standardised in mid-1942, was ordered to be mixed from seven parts Medium Sea Grey to one part Night and applied on-squadron. In practice, while it could vary wildly, it was generally darker than the later, factory-produced shade, and lacked the blueish hue. It is typical of the period running from late 1941 until the autumn or even winter of 1942.


For use ONLY with SF2 including the Israel Expansion Pack. This will NOT work if you do not have the stock TW Spitfires installed and working.


Includes 2048 and 1024 size skin sheets.



Model by Third Wire

Flight Dynamics by ShrikeHawk based on TW Spitfire MkIXc

Cockpit by Kesselbrut

Skin, decals, data.ini modifications, formations, sounds and assembly by ndicki

Guns by AvHistory


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Thx, my fav type. I added Stary's pit for british planes to it and it fits good. Doign a lot of tac bombing with it. keep em comin! :clapping:

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