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SF2 ROCAF Skin Pack for the F-5F

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SF2 ROCAF Skin Pack for the F-5F

This is a Skin Pack of the Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) F-5F


The skin pack is for SF2 merged install.


"NOTE" I did not install the May 2011 update from Thirdwire. So it is NOT tested with the new update, not sure if it will make any difference to the skin pack?


Originally I had a plan to have a full aircraft (with tweaks) and the skin, that did not happen.


The Skin Pack consist of the following Squadrons:



4th TRS

12th TRS


46th Aggressor Grey

46th Aggressor Grey Camo

46th Aggressor SEA Camo

46th Aggressor Silver (light grey is more like it)


401st 17th Squadron

401st 26th Squadron

401st 27th Squadron


427th 7th Squadron

426th 28th Squadron


443rd 1st Squadron

443rd 3rd Squadron

443rd 9th Squadron


455th 21st Squadron

455th 22nd Squadron

455th 23rd Squadron


737th 44th Squadron

737th 45th Squadron


828th 14th Squadron

828th 15th Squadron

828th 16th Squadron



Additional Credits:



VicRomano(FastCargo) - his templates






10 June 2011



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