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Did WW1 friendly flak fire cease or continue during a dogfight?

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Hi all. Just a quick question regarding friendly flak fire from those intrepid trigger happy artillery folk below us. Many a time in OFF I have been 'helped' out by friendly flak fire highlighting what eventually turns out to be a enemy flight nearby. However, equally as often the flak continues unabated with no care for friendly crates attempting to knock their fellow adversaries out of the air. I have read a few books that mentioned that the flak in WW1 (apart from being very inaccurate in the earlier stages of the war but getting slightly better albeit still 'genuinely ineffective' by 1918) stopped firing once fellow friendly crates in the general vicinity had been notified. One book I read about a Camel jockey often stated that friendly flak would fire a few deliberate shots at his flight then would fire towards the enemy hun's flight to direct the flight of Camels towards them. Once there the flak gunners ceased in order to watch the spectacle above (often betting on the outcomes). Now I don't want to sound off beat or want to sound like I am 'moaning' but why does the flak continue even though you are attempting to bring the enemy down in the sim? Is it the limitations of the CFS3 AI engine? Often, as a result of friendly fire, I have been brought down by 'accident' and the enemy, well, they have been left unharmed by the ordeal and have gone in search of better pastures.


Sorry guys just realised I posted this in General help and not General discussion!! Doh!! (Could an admin please move it?) :) J.

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Funny story: On one of my campaign missions en route to a patrol zone, we spotted some hostile aircraft on our side of the line (they were highlighted by friendly Flak), as I was lining up to get a shot on one of the enemy planes, I took a hit and my engine started puffing smoke, at the time I thought it was a machine gun from one of the enemy planes, but after I landed my plane in a nearby field, upon watching the Mission Review, I noticed that the damage, had in fact been done by friendly AAA.

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