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  1. Missus bought it for me on sale yesterday, still have to get around to playing it, what with all the work, Strike Fighters, First Eagles and Over Flanders Fields I've been doing -_- So many great games, not enough time, such an unforgiving life I live.
  2. I call my dope 'The Quran' because burning that s**t gets you stoned!
  3. Excellent video and Excellent mod :D
  4. Hi everyone.

    o7 Gary. 1. Sadly there is no Multiplayer (that I'm aware of) in Strike Fighters. Can't help you with 2 & 3 since I'm a pretty big newbie when it comes to modding. Cheers and enjoy your stay.
  5. It just seemed a bit anti-climatic after I made it back to base alive only to have it say I died, and according to the Log, it happened as the MiG17 hit me. Here's what I flew with. I felt quite proud when I landed it :) The handling was completely shot, but when I had it going ~ Mach 1 it straightened out a bit (kinda like a rocket) and it was fairly stable at < 280 kts as well.
  6. So, long story short. I'm flying the Rolling Thunder Campaign doing a Fighter Sweep over Hanoi, shot down 3 MiG-17s, got some target fixation on a 4th one and failed to notice one on my 6 lining up a shot, and, well, he hit me and it just about took off the tail of my F4-B and the plane started wobbling badly. I found that if I turned up the throttle up a few notches, it stabilized, and I managed to drag my severely damaged bird all the way down South to a friendly airfield. My approach was really bloody dodgy due to the wobbling, but I managed to put her down alright, stopped on the run-way, smoke coming out of the plane and everything, it was really bashed up, but it was okay. I turned the engine off and hit Escape to end the mission and it says 'Ens <my last name> has been killed. The campaign is over. WTF? Sure, I can Refly, but I was playing a DiD campaign and this messes up my stats :( Any files I can edit for my pilot to revert the campaign somehow? Or just to get rid of the one time that I supposedly got 'shot down' from my record? Cheers guys
  7. Are you rejecting my offer?
  8. Hey Olham, one day when I'm a billionaire I'll make sure I get VA to make you an Albi. That place is just down the road from me ;)
  9. monstrous thud

    Too lazy haha
  10. Home-Made Rudder Bar

    Next time you're playing OFF, take a look at the in-game rudder bars. This rickety piece of crap wood fits right in :D :D
  11. monstrous thud

    That, and the "Contact... Clear!", kills the immersion (just a tad) if I'm playing a non-English pilot. (Yes I'm that much of an immersion Nazi)
  12. Romain Hugault

    Is everyone on this forum secretly french or something?
  13. Romain Hugault

    So pretty. On that note, any other good WW1/WW2 graphic novels out there?

    If you guys want some more detail on the Lee-Enfield, I've got one from 1916 in dad's rifle safe that I could take pictures of and upload ;)

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