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Sikorsky MH-60T Jayhawk

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Sikorsky MH-60T Jayhawk

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This is the final version of the Jayhawk, the definitive MH-60T. My previous versions of the HH-60T (note different name) can be re-named HH-60J if you wish to simulate earlier versions.


Not really an MH-60T Jayhawk, but of course a SH-60B Seahawk. It's the closest we have in SF so it will have to do.


MH-60T is the upgrade armed model of the HH-60J, it has a CAAS glass cockpit (the CAAS also used by various Navy and Army helicopters). With Zur's permission I have used a modded Osprey cockpit to simulate the CAAS (it's a close match).


The MH-60T is armed with the "Airborne Use of Force" pack. This consists of a M-240D MMG, and a semiauto .50CAL rifle - for fun I've made that into a .50CAL HMG so you can blow things up. SF is a combat sim after all.


New with this model is a proper winch of the type used by the Coast Guard, much thanks to Florian "AmokFloo" Schneider for the winch. Unfortunately as a "fake" pilot the winch is only for looks.


She is relatively easy to fly on "normal" mode, which SF helicopters are tuned for. You can hover, fly backwards and sideways, ascend verticaly etc. It takes some practice and skill but is definately doable.


Landing on Cutters should present no problems.




Place the MH-60T folder into your Aircraft folder.


Place the Tank_Jayhawk & CGHeloGunnerR folders into your Weapons folder.


Place the CGHeloPilot1 & 2, CoastGuardWinch, JayA, JayA2, JayR, JayR2, JayS, JaySeat and JayW folders into your Pilots folder.


Place the Jayhawk wav file in your Sounds folder.


Place the two TADS files and the Loading wav file in your Flight folder.


Place the contents of the Decal folder into your Decal folder.


You will need to copy over the SH-60B LOD's from the SH-60B Seahawk mod. If you do not already have it, get it from the A-Team Skunkworks site.


Changelog for Version 3:


New Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) cockpit by David "Zur" Zurawski.

New Coast Guard Winch 3D model by Florian "Amokfloo" Schneider.

New, larger, Jayhawk Drop Tanks. Not exact but better.

More lights including MFD's for the external model.

FM uprated for the more powerful engines.

Set of decals for 20 birds from 5 different CGAS's.

.50CAL HMG added for fun.

New nose radar.

Various new antenna's.

Rear cabin seats added.





David "Zur" Zurawski for the CAAS cockpit.

Florian "Amokfloo" Schneider for the Coast Guard Winch.

A-Team for SH-60B Seahawk Mod. Note my skin is best possible with current model limitations.

Wrench for Hangar/Loading Screens I used as a base.

Kesselbrut for Helo Pilots and Helo Gunner on which I based the Coast Guard pilots and gunner.

Mppd for the two ECM pods.

331KillerBee for the LAU-3 and TER2 which became the Jayhawk's nose radar and drop tank rails.


Anyone else I have missed, apologies.


Thanks to all.


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I like it very much :good:



.... But what about shadows? With my A-team lods they have a big black rope issue.


As You enabled shadows, is there a fixed lod? If it'ld be, please post the lik.


Thank You :drinks:

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