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WE.177 Nuclear Bomb Pack

i made this bombs for the Buccaneer project but i release this pack as stand alone version since this bombs where not only carried by the Buccaneer , a lot of other aircraft from the RAF and RN did carry this bombs as well


to install simply drop them in to your weapons folder



especially for the WE.177A is it important to make a direct hit since the 10kt warhead makes only a "limited" damage,

best results will be with this parameters for bomb release

Speed = 450kts

Altitude = 10000ft

Range to target = 1.8Nm


on some Aircraft you have to edit the data.ini by adding NUC to the weapontype of the selected weaponsstation


have fun



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Is there a way to disable the chute to allow for loft bombing?



no there is no way to do that , besides i think loft bombing is not realy supported in the game

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Hi Ravenclaw.


I decided to carry out some experimentation, and it is actually possible to disable the chute.


The INI edits required are as follows:




The following two lines must be deleted:





Although there is no functioning LABS in the game, you can loft bomb by hand. I generally use a medium-angle loft from low altitude. When testing my modifications to your WE.111 from a Buccaneer, I got very good results with the parameters of: 500kt speed, 500ft altitude, commence pull up at 5 NM from target, release at 60 degrees pitch angle. In the Bucc, these parameters will also allow for escape from blast effects.


Unfortunately, the game doesn't support "time bombs". Weapons either burst on impact or proximity. If the game allowed for timed bombs (i.e. 30 or so sec after release), low altitude lay-down of nuclear weapons would be possible.


Incidentally, here is a film about tactical nuclear weapon delivery:

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