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Europe 1963: Red Thunder 2

Europe 1963: Red Thunder 2


A nice tweak to the stock Red Thunder campaign. With the new MirageIII and Lightning interceptors, I was getting bored of the same old "Kill the Il-28 Beagles" missions. So, I added several wings of Tu-16 for the Soviets, a couple of wings of Tu-22, as well as a few more units of fighters.


For the West, we get a few USMC wings (A-4C, F-4B F-8C), the USAF gets the F-104G (make it flyable, its easy!), and the F-4C. One of the Lightning wings will be upgraded to the F3 early in the campaign as well. MirageIIIC makes a big appearance as well.


I chose 1963 for this campaign because the F-104G was available, the USAF introduced the Phantom, and the Supersonic Tu-22 had just entered service. I could also sneak the Lightning F3 in.


To install, simply extract the CAMPAIGNS folder (or its content if it already exists) into the desired SF2 file in your saved games folder in My Documents. Seems fine with July2011 update so far.


Required: SF2 Europe +Expansion2 , SF2 Vietnam , SF2 Israel


Recommended : Stary's CE terrain update, Flyable F-104G, MirageIIIC(DLC)

How to Flyable F-104G --> http://combatace.com/topic/57393-flyable-f-104s-for-sf2/


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