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Charlie 14

FE2/Solid Object texture Material Question

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I'm playing around in Jan's terrain mod in FE2 with "Solid Object Texture Material" settings; BLEND_DST_ALPHA, BLEND_SRC_ALPHA, using WIN7x64...Just out of curiosity, what other entries are available under the "BLENDOP=" setting?


I ask because I've been trying to tweak the flashing building phenomena through in game and video card settings on a new rig and, well, I'm curious what is going on with the cities.

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the flashing building phenon may be caused by flipped faces on the meshes of the objects used to create the TOD buildings. If so, there may not be a fix for that.


we've been enountering that for years is SF/Wo*/SF2 with a lot of the terrain object buildings, and the only what to fix it, is to have the object rebuilt in MAX.


Another thing to do, is backup the original data ini, extract one of the stock terrain data inis, and copy/past the relevent sections into JTs terrain, and see what happens. Just as an experiment, doncha know!



kevin stein

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