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I know that the last patch allows to create year-specific loadouts for aircraft but is it posible to create nation-specific loadouts for aircraft used by 3 or 4 nations?

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always has, since day 1, SFP1.


there's a line in each weapon's data ini:


Exported=TRUE or False


and the AttachmentType= statments in every hardpoint entry in every aircraft data ini, and the weapon's data ini makes for nice mix and match.


(Meaning: allied countries will be albe to use other allies contries weapons, if exported) Look at all the western aircraft; call can carry sidewinders (with VERY few exceptions). All RedAir use Soviet/WarPac weapons.


couldn't get any easier


suggestion: extract the data and loadout inis and userlists for 'like aircraft' (F-104s, Phantoms, all Mig21s) and compare.

You'll see how it works



kevin stein

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You can specify a default loadout per nation in the loadout.ini. I believe this was added recently, though I'm not sure.


Just as a quick example.









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