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Yak-25M & K "Flashlight" for SF-2

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Yak-25M & K "Flashlight" for SF-2

Yak-25M & K (true SF-2 standard, last patch ready)


Here I (skins, decals) and Spillone104 (data edits, sound, weapons) upgraded old but gold Pasko's Yak-25 for SF-2 and made it more historically correct.


References from Y.Gordon Aerofax fantastic book Yak-25/28.


So we have now:


Yak-25M only guns radar interceptor (6 skins) [historical standard]


Yak-25K no guns* missile interceptor (2 skins) very small serie,

quite experimental plane.


(*) They were removed but not their shapes. BTW You have an optional data.ini, just for fun with guns, too.


new 3 digit old numbers, 2 digit numbers (red, blue and yellow series taken from EriKgen Tu-128 and edited)


To install: all in mod folder, as usual.


Original Readme included.


Take care.


Paulopanz :bye:


NB: In screenshot You can see the weathered skin, with radar radome free from nose paint.


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Cool models Paulopanz, thanks to you my Soviet collection is growing more, thanks for the numbers too, they are really cool.

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This complete pack is really nice.


One of the few soviet planes that let me think is "cute". Sort of cartoonish because of clean lines and the big round nose. :-)

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