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Use the Way Points to go anywhere you want

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VOR stands for : Vhf Omnidirectional Range


The way points indicated in the mission briefing may not be satisfying, so you may find a better path by yourself.

If you want to go somewhere "precisely" you could use the WP to get where you want to.


Note : It's a challenge, if you want something simple use a mission editor...


I give you an example. OK it's not a tremendous demonstration, but it's the idea. The trick is to navigate without the map, only using courses and way points.

It needs some work before take off but it's easier than in reality (it's not a big deal if you're lost, use the map toggle).


This is the map of the mission,

I want to go to Newcastle from WP3 (blue line) the course is 085.



So it starts like usual WP2 -> WP3



When I reach WP3, I take the 085 course (without paying attention to WP4)



On the map I saw with a protractor that WP4 is 125° from Newcastle (white line) and WP7 is 250° from Newcastle (pink line)

So when I check the course arrow selecting WP4



or WP7



I should know that I'm there



It's easy because it's a big city but it can work with any point you need, even in the middle of the ocean... (with good training xD)


Thanks for reading, hope you'll do better than that!

The first attempt ended at Middlesborough because I didn't start from a vertical point.

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I always thought, but never tried to, maybe use way points and the distance counters to setup and execute toss/loft bombing, having previously tested pullup and at appropriate gees, airspeed, and attitude+altitude releace, for toss bomb placement, and applying this at the correct way point distance. Is this Correct Thinking?

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I think it should work with nuclear weapons. The power of the bomb is far enough strong to tolerate a distance error.


So is the navigation, if you're few miles too far, you adjust the course. It's a part of the process because in reality winds can make the aircraft drift a lot, and at each turning point you have to "re-start" from where you are... (I don't talk about auto-pilot)


But with conventional bombs :/ you won't hit anything unless you bomb a city (WW2 bombing).

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Yea the whole idea was for nuke carrying aircraft. F-84G for example.


I figure you could setup the way points so you line up between them, and start pull up at the right distance from the way point sitting on the target. But yea the nav is a bit "automatic" certain but at least its something.

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