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  1. Sukhois

    Testing the last update... 20 ft AGL, an F-4 chasing in the background Met an SMB2 as well Finally back at home base Wingman shot down by the F-4s, but update checked ^^
  2. Yes, it's much better with the right colors, thx !
  3. Hello Any interest for a release of a P-40C ? All material from Raven's P-40B. Just edited files, and few decals. Quite easy, P-40C is a P-40B with a drop tank... Here's the P-40E pit from Raven, roughly edited to fake a B/C version. I only found 155, 160, 284, 300 and 337 as tactical numbers. Does somebody can provide some more for P-40C at Pearl Harbor in December 1941 ? I know most of the Warhawks at Pearl Harbor were P-40B, and only few were P-40C. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just saw it's been 2 years since I posted in the Prop Head SF1 thread ! Time doesn't exist, that's what I learned since I still enjoy Raven's models, many thanks to him ! I miss him
  4. Sukhois

    Does somebody know the serial numbers of the iraqi Su-20 / Su-22 ?
  5. Ok, this should be in the SF2 section I guess, but the 3D model works in 1st generation. So you could convert it back to the old Strike Fighter or Wings Over xxx games, that's why I write this here. I enjoyed the aircraft, but the damn cokpit was too tempting to me for not trying some editing. I tried to fake a VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR) navigation instrument in the Twin Otter cockpit. -------------------------------------------- First : There's a compass that are designed to show you the way. So bring it back to its first function, showing you the course. (As I don't remember which one it was, here's the 4 instruments it should be good) [Brujula_01] Type=MAGNETIC_COMPASS NodeName=Aguja_Brujula_01 MovementType=ROTATION_Y ValueUnit=DEG Set[01].Position=00.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=360.0 Set[02].Value=360.0 [Brujula_02] Type=MAGNETIC_COMPASS NodeName=Aguja_Brujula_02 MovementType=ROTATION_Y ValueUnit=DEG Set[01].Position=00.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=360.0 Set[02].Value=360.0 [Rumbo_01] Type=MAGNETIC_COMPASS NodeName=Disco_Grande_Brujula_01 MovementType=ROTATION_Y ValueUnit=DEG Set[01].Position=00.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=-360.0 Set[02].Value=360.0 [Rumbo_02] Type=MAGNETIC_COMPASS NodeName=Disco_Grande_Brujula_02 MovementType=ROTATION_Y ValueUnit=DEG Set[01].Position=00.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=-360.0 Set[02].Value=360.0 -------------------------------------------- Then, that's where the messing starts : Add this to the instruments list, at the begining of the cockpit file (Twin_Otter_Cabina.ini) Instrument[xxx]=VORdev Instrument[xxx]=VORwheel Instrument[xxx]=VORto Instrument[xxx]=VORfrom xxx is the next number in sequence. For me it's 046, 047, etc... because I made other editing things. and add the instruments at the end of the same file : [VORdev] Type=COURSE_DEVIATION NodeName=KI206.locn MovementType=POSITION_X ValueUnit=DEG Set[01].Position=-0.017 Set[01].Value=-4.5 Set[02].Position=-0.011 Set[02].Value=-3.0 Set[03].Position=-0.005 Set[03].Value=-1.5 Set[04].Position=0.0 Set[04].Value=0.0 Set[05].Position=0.005 Set[05].Value=1.5 Set[06].Position=0.011 Set[06].Value=3.0 Set[07].Position=0.017 Set[07].Value=4.5 [VORwheel] Type=BEARING_MARKER NodeName=KI206card MovementType=ROTATION_Y ValueUnit=DEG Set[01].Position=0.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=-360.0 Set[02].Value=360.0 [VORto] Type=COURSE_DEVIATION NodeName=KI206.tofl MovementType=LIGHT ValueUnit=DEG Set[01].Position=0.0 Set[01].Value=-90.0 Set[02].Position=1.0 Set[02].Value=-89.0 Set[03].Position=1.0 Set[03].Value=89.0 Set[04].Position=0.0 Set[04].Value=90.0 [VORfrom] Type=COURSE_DEVIATION NodeName=KI206.from MovementType=LIGHT ValueUnit=DEG Set[01].Position=1.0 Set[01].Value=-91.0 Set[02].Position=0.0 Set[02].Value=-90.0 Set[03].Position=0.0 Set[03].Value=90.0 Set[04].Position=1.0 Set[04].Value=91.0 Don't forget to check how a VOR works, knowing that you CANNOT select yourself the VOR beacon you want (it's the next way point, or more precisely "the right way to the way point", and you have to intercept it lol) If somebody should provide a link in english it would be cool (as I only found some stuff in french...) ---------------------------------------------------------- and ... ----------------------------------------------------------- Maybe you want to be able to turn off the damn landing light ? lol In the data.ini : [Proa] ... SystemName[004]=Faro_Aterrizaje SystemName[005]=FakeLG // Tren de Aterrizaje ----------------------------------- [FakeLG] SystemType=LANDING_GEAR Retractable=TRUE DeployTime=0.1 DragArea=0.0 ModelNodeName=Amortigador_01 MaxDeploySpeed=1000.0 NoContactOnGround=TRUE // Luces ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Faro_Aterrizaje] SystemType=LIGHT Position=-0.167,4.19,-0.857 LightSrcOffset=2.6046,49.0560,3.50 Color=0.66,0.66,0.6 Brightness=0.15 LightSrcRange=150 LightRange=45.0 CanFlash=FALSE IsLandingLight=TRUE MovingLight=TRUE AttachedNodeName=Faro_Aterrizaje - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - In the cabina.ini instruments list : Instrument[xxx]=LLswitch1 Instrument[xxx]=LLswitch2 and at the end of the file : [LLswitch1] Type=LANDING_GEAR_INDICATOR NodeName=Lnd.toggle MovementType=ROTATION_X Set[01].Position=0.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=-40.0 Set[02].Value=1.0 [LLswitch2] Type=LANDING_GEAR_INDICATOR NodeName=Lnd.toggle MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=0.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=-0.005 Set[02].Value=1.0 Hope you like it : ) Have some looooooooong flights with the Twin Otter ; ) --------------------------------------------- And with some added pain you should be able to have an inside view like that :
  6. Can't believe it took so long. Can't believe how great it slowly becomes...
  7. Coupi, if I wanted to be funny, I would say that we're pushing the modelling of this aircraft to the highest level of fidelity : almost done but only for display flights... As it's not funny at all, let's say that the status is "on hold" for now. Thanks for asking ! On va dire qu'il hiberne (hibernating) ; )
  8. Well... IIRC, in the FLIGHTENGINE.ini : [WorldSettings] SectorWidth=20 SectorHeight=20 SectorMaxObject=256 Border=80000.0 MinHeight=0.5 <----------------- change this line (stock value is "MinHeight=2.0" ) MaxHeight=35000.0 I might be wrong, it's been a while since I've done that (and still 1st gen too)
  9. F-4A Phantom II


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