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  1. Sure I should try that, as soon as time permits. All 56' colourful natural metal skins done (no screenshot yet for the 23rd squad)
  2. 27th squadron / 10th Wing 1956 The good thing is all the blue and white stripes come from the same TGA. The bad thing is 30 decal entries... At first I tried to paint it on the bmps but some gap in the mapping made me choose the decals way (and the pattern of the stripes is almost the same for the 23rd and 31st squadron) I toned it down this time : )
  3. Same process for the 2nd squadron, 1 folder but 2 redtailed birds. It was an endless nightmare and it involves too much decals. I know I should tone down the decal to make it looks as if it was painted, but I don't want to. I want it to shine ! lol (I drawn some rivet lines though)
  4. New decals ! All nose codes and serial numbers redone to match the real ones and stripes on the tail for two birds YLH and YLU (but still one folder ^^)
  5. It gives that : I didn't make the "rocket dep. angle" turning writing. Maybe later... if I learn how to do that the right way. Looks great !
  6. Thanks there's already a template in the SF2 release. But just releasing without a new skin seems pointless, so I'll try to do something from the Belgians versions. Otherwise I would just release the repaint of the cockpit. Thanks to all ! @Crusader : It could not be better ^^ perfect !
  7. Hi ! I'm currently editing the Mirage Factory F-84F (based on its SF2 version release). No release planned, unless I end up with something good enough. I'm repainting the good old F-86F pit done by Zurawski And I need a clear picture of this item : It's called a "Rocket Angle Dive Control" and in fact it had several functions. I'd like to use it as a weapon selector, the lower part (rocket/guns/bomb) by using the accelerometer needle, but I would like also to paint the rest of the thing. If you have a precise picture, or if you can describe what is written, it would be cool. Or maybe pointing an already existing pit that has the same instrument (?) Thanks ! Original picture by C.v.Grinsven / found on the net
  8. Updated due to rivets counting... The fuel amount is the same than before, so maybe not required. Let's say just available
  9. View File SF2 F-84F TMF Internal Tanks Fix This object mod applies to this download : The data.ini file of this mod is the exact same file from the SF2 F-84F TMF with two modifications : - the guns position and MinMaxExtent values had been edited - the internal fuel tanks have been modified to be closer to the real aircraft Read the ReadMe-s I really struggled not to untitle this download "SF2 F-84F TMF Ineternal Tanks Fix" xD Submitter Cliff7600 Submitted 05/16/2019 Category ini File Edits  
  10. Version 2.0.0


    This object mod applies to this download : The data.ini file of this mod is the exact same file from the SF2 F-84F TMF with two modifications : - the guns position and MinMaxExtent values had been edited - the internal fuel tanks have been modified to be closer to the real aircraft Read the ReadMe-s I really struggled not to untitle this download "SF2 F-84F TMF Ineternal Tanks Fix" xD
  11. Something is wrong with the fuel tanks : "SystemName[005]=FuselageFuelCel" and the name of the system is "FuselageFuelCell" I really didn't fix it by adding the missing "l", so i don't know what are the consequences... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I did is modify the internal tanks : Main fuel tank capacity is 193 USgal Forward fuel tank capacity is 171 USgal and the wing tanks didn't have the same capacity between left and right, so to avoid instability issue I used 116 USgal for each The problem is to assign the fuel tanks to their respective component : "MainFuelCell" -> Fuselage "FwdFuelCell" -> Nose "LeftWingFuelCell" -> LeftOuterWing "RightWingFuelCell" -> RightOuterWing I renumbered all system names, especially Left wing / Right wing and LeftOuterWing / RightOuterWing If you want to try : [Fuselage] (...) SystemName[001]=Engine SystemName[002]=MainFuelCell SystemName[003]=LeftAirbrake SystemName[004]=RightAirbrake [Nose] (...) SystemName[001]=NoseGear SystemName[002]=FwdFuelCell SystemName[003]=InternalGun1 SystemName[004]=InternalGun2 SystemName[005]=InternalGun3 SystemName[006]=InternalGun4 SystemName[007]=Pilot SystemName[008]=Canopy SystemName[009]=FrontTrainLight [LeftWing] (...) SystemName[001]=LeftFlap SystemName[002]=LeftMainGear SystemName[003]=LeftWingStationInboard SystemName[004]=LeftSpoiler SystemName[005]=InternalGun5 SystemName[006]=LeftWingStationInboard2 [LeftOuterWing] (...) SystemName[001]=LeftWingFuelCell SystemName[002]=LeftStation01 SystemName[003]=LeftRocketStation01 SystemName[004]=LeftRocketStation02 SystemName[005]=LeftRocketStation03 SystemName[006]=LeftRocketStation01a SystemName[007]=LeftRocketStation02a SystemName[008]=LeftRocketStation03a SystemName[009]=LeftRocketStation01b SystemName[010]=LeftRocketStation02b SystemName[011]=LeftRocketStation03b SystemName[012]=LeftAileron SystemName[013]=LeftPositionLight [RightWing] (...) SystemName[001]=RightFlap SystemName[002]=RightMainGear SystemName[003]=RightWingStationInboard SystemName[004]=RightSPoiler SystemName[005]=InternalGun6 SystemName[006]=RightWingStationInboard2 [RightOuterWing] (...) SystemName[001]=RightWingFuelCell SystemName[002]=RightStation01 SystemName[003]=RightRocketStation01 SystemName[004]=RightRocketStation02 SystemName[005]=RightRocketStation03 SystemName[006]=RightRocketStation01a SystemName[007]=RightRocketStation02a SystemName[008]=RightRocketStation03a SystemName[009]=RightRocketStation01b SystemName[010]=RightRocketStation02b SystemName[011]=RightRocketStation03b SystemName[012]=RightAileron SystemName[013]=RightPositionLight -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- [MainFuelCell] SystemType=FUEL_TANK FuelTankID=1 MaxFuelAmount=569.85 SelfHealing=TRUE FireSuppression=TRUE MinExtentPosition=-0.3,-1.4,0.0 MaxExtentPosition=0.3,1.37,0.44 HasArmor=TRUE ArmorMaterial=STEEL [...] [FwdFuelCell] SystemType=FUEL_TANK FuelTankID=2 MaxFuelAmount=504.89 SelfHealing=TRUE FireSuppression=TRUE MinExtentPosition=-0.35,0.68,-0.70 MaxExtentPosition=0.35,3.65,-0.22 HasArmor=TRUE ArmorMaterial=STEEL [...] [LeftWingFuelCell] SystemType=FUEL_TANK FuelTankID=3 MaxFuelAmount=342.5 SelfHealing=TRUE FireSuppression=TRUE MinExtentPosition=-4.7,-2.98,-0.67 MaxExtentPosition=-3.22,-0.86,-0.53 HasArmor=TRUE ArmorMaterial=STEEL [...] [RightWingFuelCell] SystemType=FUEL_TANK FuelTankID=3 MaxFuelAmount=342.5 SelfHealing=TRUE FireSuppression=TRUE MinExtentPosition=3.22,-2.98,-0.67 MaxExtentPosition=4.7,-0.86,-0.53 HasArmor=TRUE ArmorMaterial=STEEL [...] and I changed the MinMaxExtent values of the engine, to keep it distinct from the main fuel tank : MinExtentPosition=-0.29,-5.3,-0.36 MaxExtentPosition= 0.29,-2.2,0.22 Thanks for reading
  12. For the guns, it could be something like this : [InternalGun1] [...] MuzzlePosition=-0.26,5.2,0.08 LightPosition=-0.26,5.2,0.08 [...] MinExtentPosition=-0.32,3.3,0.02 MaxExtentPosition=-0.2,5.2,0.14 [InternalGun2] [...] MuzzlePosition=-0.40,4.82,0.05 LightPosition=-0.40,4.82,0.05 [...] MinExtentPosition=-0.46,2.92,-0.01 MaxExtentPosition=-0.34,4.82,0.11 [InternalGun3] [...] MuzzlePosition=0.26,5.2,0.08 LightPosition=0.26,5.2,0.08 [...] MinExtentPosition=0.2,3.3,0.02 MaxExtentPosition=0.32,5.2,0.14 [InternalGun4] [...] MuzzlePosition=0.40,4.82,0.05 LightPosition=0.40,4.82,0.05 [...] MinExtentPosition=0.34,2.92,-0.01 MaxExtentPosition=0.46,4.82,0.11 [InternalGun5] [...] MuzzlePosition=-0.69,1.96,-0.4 LightPosition=-0.69,1.96,-0.4 [...] MinExtentPosition=-0.75,0.06,-0.46 MaxExtentPosition=-0.63,1.96,-0.34 [InternalGun6] [...] MuzzlePosition=0.69,1.96,-0.4 LightPosition=0.69,1.96,-0.4 [...] MinExtentPosition=0.63,0.06,-0.46 MaxExtentPosition=0.75,1.96,-0.34
  13. Just a question : how do you know that the FuelTankID number gives a hierarchy between the tanks (in the game) ?
  14. It happens, sometime. And I don't have a fix for that (so don't bother to read this post lol) Reducing the mission radius is some kind of cheating, but it would work. I would let things as they are, because it's a bit realistic from a certain point of view. Same as when you're on a CAP mission, set the course to base because you're bingo fuel and then the bad guys finally show up (because they're bad guys after all). It's not perfect but it spices things up, to scramble for an intercept and having to decide if you can make it or not. What to do ? RTB / mission failed ? Going for it anyway, knowing you will run out of fuel ? Tell the wingmen to RTB and proceeding on your own (because you can land at any friendly airbase you should find) ? All of that is a consequence of the "Dead is dead" gamer philosophy xD Sorry for the long useless reading, I don't have a fix.

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