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  1. Svetlin I think the entry you're searching is : [AircraftData] ... OnGroundPitchAngle= though it doesn't make much for the stance on the ground. ------------------------------------- I agree with all you said in your post about the factors that make the plane sits on its wheels. In my opinion there's something more : the shock animations, or the shock travel value / spring factor /damping factor. In the game the stock values for the landing gear is too stiff. But if you lower the spring factor value, it doesn't always lower the plane as well. It might be a combination of all the factors mentioned, but it requires some tests and checking. The first would be the "ShockStroke=" and the "RollingRadius=" using Mue's LOD viewer, it's easy.
  2. Thanks ! You're right "NozzleAnimationID=7" but then the nozzle values must be changed to : [Engine] ... NozzleAnimationID=7 ... IdleNozzle=1.0 ... CruiseNozzle=0.0 ... MilNozzle=0.0 ... MaxNozzle=0.0 ... FullABNozzle=1.0 or something like that It's a nice bird
  3. Ok I found what was wrong. Fuel usage is as Crusader told : - "normal" is half the consumption - "hard" is the consumption as set in the data ini file The point I was missing is the unit used by default is the KG. In the A-7 example "ValueUnit=LB" is indicated but when the ValueUnit entry is missing the game counts by KG per second. All my tests was 2.2 wrong... So for example, the TMF F-14 should have in the cockpit ini file : [FuelFlowIndicator1] Type=FUEL_FLOW_INDICATOR NodeName=gauge5 ItemNumber=1 MovementType=ANIMATION AnimationID=7 Set[01].Position=0.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=1.0 Set[02].Value=3.611 ValueUnit=LB [FuelFlowIndicator2] Type=FUEL_FLOW_INDICATOR NodeName=gauge6 ItemNumber=2 MovementType=ANIMATION AnimationID=8 Set[01].Position=0.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=1.0 Set[02].Value=3.611 ValueUnit=LB and then the counting is right. Thanks again !
  4. Ok thanks, I'll try it. For the hard setting = fuel consumption as set in the data, I still have a doubt after counting how much fuel was burnt in one minute for a given throttle position. But it could be the data values that are too high, got to check that also.
  5. Hi I'm asking for your expertise about fuel usage (easy/normal/hard mode) and calibration of the fuel flow gauge in the cockpit. Has anybody ever tried to precisely tune the fuel flow gauge, with success, or with difficulties, or never made it and gave up ? Because I'm really searching the way to do that and I encounter some difficulties I barely understand (what is 1.0 ? for example lol) And then I remembered that the stock terrains are scalled down compared to reality, and now I wonder if the fuel usage set to hard is proportionaly increased, to keep the ratio in max range. On many planes (all of them) I never had the real endurance in time corresponding to the manufacturer values. And now that I count every pound used in a minute to calibrate the damn gauge in pounds per hour, I realise there's no way to have a realistic autonomy (in time). I barely fly 1 hour yet I was supposed to have fuel for almost 2 hours. So I decreased the MachTable values and obtained more endurance but lost the top speed and ceiling. I set the fuel usage to "normal" and the indicated fuel flow figures are way more close to 'reality'. Does that mean that fuel usage set to hard is keeping the range but alter the fuel flow in the process ? Thanks F-108 FastCargo's model : Two YJ-93-GE-3AR
  6. Patroling the Mediterranean sea with the mighty Merlin Reaffirming the supremacy of the British Empire over the seven seas Converting british tax payers' money into pure TF-30 sound and fury Finally passed that damn license driving exam
  7. it's from my own decals addition so the filenameformat and scale should be adjusted : [Decal010] MeshName=LeftNoseGearDoor DecalLevel=2 DecalFacing=BOTTOM FilenameFormat=FB-111A/380BW/D/BFB111N Position=-0.25,5.8 Rotation=-90.0 Scale=1.0 DecalMaxLOD=3 [Decal011] MeshName=RightNoseGearDoor DecalLevel=2 DecalFacing=BOTTOM FilenameFormat=FB-111A/380BW/D/BFB111N Position=0.25,5.8 Rotation=90.0 Scale=1.0 DecalMaxLOD=3 It seems it's the same 3D model.
  8. Exactly what Baffmeister said above ! plus the fact that Cla Machtable datas can be edited to provide less lift when slowing down, and less drag as well. The stock TW Machtable datas tend to give more drag and more lift when slowing down. In reality it's the opposite, but it's a way to replicate the effect of the induced lift on approach that the Cl0 and Cla values could not create (though Cla is induced lift). But it creates some weird behavior too, when departing and/or spinning. I would say that all the flight model has an effect on the take-offs and landing for the lower speed parts. The question is : which model is it ? (so we can try...)
  9. Buccaneer S2 masquerading as the... Buccaneer S1 !!! I know it's a bit poor, but it was mainly to share my files : ) Donwload the textures from Russouk's Buccaneer S1 conversion here : and then you could use my files with the Buccaneer S2 LODs (4 LODs to use from the Ravenclaw's FAA Buccaneer release) : SF2_Buccaneer-S1.rar And here's the link for the Buccaneer S1 serial numbers, just in case someone would create more TGAs ^^ http://www.ukserials.com/results.php?serial=XN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're still dinosauring in SF1/WOx (like me), here's my files for the Buccaneer S1 with the Buccaneer S2 LOD (only 1 LOD) : Buccaneer-S1.rar But you will have to convert the S1 textures to bmps (and maybe other things I forget...) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will enjoy the De Havilland Gyron Junior underpowered Buccaneer, with a downgraded cockpit Good luck... All minmaxextent positions updated, collision points, etc... Any question, complain ? PM at combatace -> Cliff7600 Thanks
  10. North American A8J Buccaneer that would become later : Rockwell FA-8 Buccaneer
  11. Thank to Sheriff001's Australian Buccaneer S22 available in the SF2 section, I finally had a good skin to use for a Rhodesian Buccaneer ! Doing so, I discovered how the Rhodesian serial numbers were made : R 6125 R 1626 R 1267 R 1286 R 1269 R 1630 R 6131 R 1632 (these ones are fictious as Rhodesia never flew the Buccaneer, and I made up a 6th squadron) [Edit : there were an actual 6th squadron, flying Jet Provost, so I changed the 6 to 9] Clever way to make serial numbers ^^ I love to learn new stuff like that.
  12. Please use this link to edit all the MinMaxExtent values : https://combatace.com/forums/topic/89365-buccaneer-update-minmaxextents/?tab=comments#comment-722439
  13. RAF Buccaneer in SEA camo scheme Thanks Sheriff001 !
  14. If you have some drifting issue at high speed, check this : [LeftEngine] [...] EngineID=1 [...] DryMachTableNumData=3 DryMachTableDeltaX=0.3 DryMachTableStartX=0 DryMachTableData=0.90,1.00,1.00 [RightEngine] [...] EngineID=2 [...] DryMachTableNumData=3 DryMachTableDeltaX=0.3 DryMachTableStartX=0 DryMachTableData=0.90,1.00,1.00 or whatever you want for the DryMachtable values as long as they're identical left and right.

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