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Type 77/Type 77 Late Fishbed, IAF

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Type 77/Type 77 Late Fishbed, IAF

HAL Type 77/77 Late Fishbed, Indian Air Force


=For SF2, Full-4 Merged


** May Also require Expansion Pak 1, or whichever gave us the 21FL, who's body is used for this mod ** (I disremembe which!!) **


From the India/Pakistan Mod.


This is the MiG-21FL as used/produced by HAL for the Indian Air Force. There are 2 full versions of the aircraft in this package, both the Early and Late models. This is a nationalized, single-user version that will create 2 new seperate aircraft for your enjoyment.


The 77 (early) has 7 skins, and the Late has 3. All decals/serial numbers are 100% historically correct for this model.

A new weapon, an several "other items" are added - the GP-9 gun pod, and some other 'goodies' added via the FakePilot method for the 77Late.


This package is the compliation of work by many talented people -- they are in the text file called "ori-readme.txt" by PauloPanz. You'd do well to read it, and thank them. I just assembled this package.


The canopy is activated via a manual animation key (use shift/0 to open and close it). The only thing NOT included are hangar screens ... I can't find them! (use a generic Fishbed one if you have too!)


As always, fairly easy to follow, highyl detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them ....


With thanks to my teamates from the India/Pakistan Mod!!


Good Hunting!


kevin stein


ps: the screenie shows the 77 Late, with the extra wing pylons. The Early only has the stock 2


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