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Roland DVI

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My Apologies

I screwed up :doh:

Accidentally zapped the thread.

If you guys could, as far as possible, retrace your steps

I'll still feel a fool,

but I'll feel a little better.

the shredder

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I have heard of friendly fire but this is the first time I have experienced it firsthand. I am sure Olham can get us started on the DVI again.:salute: No harm done.




(edit) I actually see it is still there.

Edited by Crossbones

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I don't know what you mean, shredward?

The thread "Test Pilot's Report about the German Fighter Roland D.VI" is still there.

Did you zapp an older Roland D.VI thread perhaps?

I had made one with some pics, but that was some time ago - not sure if I find the stuff again.


Ah, sorry - you mean this link - I had sent it yesterday. Here it comes again.





Edited by Olham

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