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  1. O.T. - Could it be?

    Our man Matt is indeed a man of many talents. That one is an actor Cheers Shredward Ps. Good to see you Tony !
  2. And discovered my long awaited copy of Bruno Schmäling's new book "Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 30 ". It's absobloodylutely marvelous. It has been 50 plus years in the making, based on interviews and journals of pilots long since gone West, along with the efforts and contributions of some of the giants among Great War aviation historians, and of course the archives. Hopefully, more titles to come, if this one does well. Get yourself over to your nearest source ! Cheers Shredward
  3. Hallo Olham! The chart looks great - no tweaks needed Yes, I'm up here working, but I do refer to it as my Arctic holiday - the land is gorgeous. We have 24 hours of daylight right now, and spring has broken out. Cheers Shredward
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHR6yZDAySM#t=12 Oh, to be at a Shuttleworth Flying Day....
  5. The Sowreys

    Yeah, this is a bit more urgent
  6. Hello All! I wonder if anyone has Graham Pitchfork's "The Sowreys", and if so, if they could give particulars of Frederick and William's service with 37 & 39 Sqn (HD). Cheers shredward
  7. There is a reason for its name...... Cheers Shredward
  8. WEEKEND SPECIAL: $10 OFF WINGS: Over Flanders Fields! March 1918. The long awaited Spring Offensive. Kaiserschlacht - the Kaiser's Battle was in final preparation for its launch on 21 March. Germany's last roll of the dice. The British Army with its back to the wall. To mark this critical point in the war, WOFF is on limited special offer ! $10 off auto applied at checkout Cheers Shredward
  9. There are some distortions because of the compressed size. Cheers, shredward
  10. Where is everybody ?

    I'm still here, answer questions when I can. Pol stops by. But yeah, we need more guys posting screenies, combat reports etc. Cheers, shredward
  11. Sounds like you are describing either 127/17 or 152/17, both of which he flew in the weeks before his death. Unsolvable discussions centre on when he had the all red 425/17 : what is certain is that he was flying it on the day before and the day of his death. Cheers, shredward
  12. WOFF Verdun Map Completed

    Brilliant! I just hope that one day we can add some of the landmarks into the WOFF world. Cheers, shredward
  13. Sorry Hauk, I should have noted that the two failures were at the end of October eg the Dr.I was in service for about two weeks from mid to end October before it was grounded. Cheers, shredward
  14. Jasta 11 was re-equipped by early January, Jasta 6 shortly thereafter, though both units flew some Albatri into February. Jasta 4 received Dr.Is much later, around 20 April, and Jasta 10 never did get any. (per Greg VanWyngarden) Cheers, shredward
  15. F.1 102/17 and 103/17 arrived at JGI, Marckebeeke at the end of August. Voss first flew 103 on the evening of the 28th, Richtofen and Voss flew 102 and 103 respectively soon after in a demo for film and visiting dignitaries. Deliveries of the Dr.I began about 10 October. Heinrich Gontermann was killed in the structural failure of his Dr.I on the 30th, Günther Pastor the next day in a similar failure, and Idflieg grounded the type. Modifications were approved on November 28th, and deliveries resumed in mid-December. Cheers, shredward

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