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  1. N28 Ammo loadout

    I don't remember, that was eons ago. Likely in the Osprey, or perhaps Davilla and Soltan. Cheers, shredward
  2. Hmmmm I just checked the datafile in the install, and it is dated 14/10/15. Therein lies the problem. It is still using the original datafile. The next big release should have all the updated datafiles. Cheers, shredward
  3. Well, that's weird, cuz I just checked my datafile, and every mission is listed as straight reccy right from the instant they are designated a Lichtbild unit on 01/07/17. Cheers, shredward
  4. FlightSim.com Possible Review?

    Bueller, Bueller. Anyone, Anyone ?
  5. Roland pilots are just wired a little differently, and I'll leave it at that ! Cheers, shredward
  6. O.T. - Could it be?

    Our man Matt is indeed a man of many talents. That one is an actor Cheers Shredward Ps. Good to see you Tony !
  7. And discovered my long awaited copy of Bruno Schmäling's new book "Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 30 ". It's absobloodylutely marvelous. It has been 50 plus years in the making, based on interviews and journals of pilots long since gone West, along with the efforts and contributions of some of the giants among Great War aviation historians, and of course the archives. Hopefully, more titles to come, if this one does well. Get yourself over to your nearest source ! Cheers Shredward
  8. Hallo Olham! The chart looks great - no tweaks needed Yes, I'm up here working, but I do refer to it as my Arctic holiday - the land is gorgeous. We have 24 hours of daylight right now, and spring has broken out. Cheers Shredward
  9. Bristol M1c

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHR6yZDAySM#t=12 Oh, to be at a Shuttleworth Flying Day....
  10. The Sowreys

    Yeah, this is a bit more urgent
  11. The Sowreys

    Hello All! I wonder if anyone has Graham Pitchfork's "The Sowreys", and if so, if they could give particulars of Frederick and William's service with 37 & 39 Sqn (HD). Cheers shredward
  12. Opinions on the Roland C.II?

    There is a reason for its name...... Cheers Shredward
  13. WEEKEND SPECIAL: $10 OFF WINGS: Over Flanders Fields! March 1918. The long awaited Spring Offensive. Kaiserschlacht - the Kaiser's Battle was in final preparation for its launch on 21 March. Germany's last roll of the dice. The British Army with its back to the wall. To mark this critical point in the war, WOFF is on limited special offer ! $10 off auto applied at checkout Cheers Shredward
  14. How good is WOFF's geography...?

    There are some distortions because of the compressed size. Cheers, shredward
  15. Where is everybody ?

    I'm still here, answer questions when I can. Pol stops by. But yeah, we need more guys posting screenies, combat reports etc. Cheers, shredward

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