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IDF TA-4H Skyhawk by pappychksix/fracture

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IDF TA-4H Skyhawk by pappychksix/fracture

IDF TA-4H Skyhawk by Fracture/Pappychksix 8/7/2001


=For SF2, Full-4 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred)


** May (ok, probably) Requires SF2:V -hence the Full-4 Merged requirement-, as the A-4E_67 cockpit and avionics are referenced for the Mod. If you don't have these

minimum requirements, you shouldn't download this, as you may not be able to use it withOUT heavy editing **


This is a overhaul of Fracture/pappychksix' IDF TA-4H Skyhawk trainer/attack aircraft. All the inis have been brought up to the latest (as of July, 2011) standard. Some modifications to the avionics are more for 'playability', as research showed these most likely did not have an RWR (but knowing the Israelies....). The

standard NAV/Attack radar, yes. Loadouts use all common or garden variety stock weapons. It is set to fly all mission profiles as any other standard Scooter..

New damage textures (dds) and a new SF2-style hangar screen are included.


Please note, that like the TA-4J recently released, the very same shadow issues =WILL= be present, as it uses the TA-4J's lod. You'll just have to live with that (see Notes below)


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them .... Fracture's original readme is also included.


Happy Landings!



kevin stein

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