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Beat the Clock! Anti-Runway Strike vs. Scramble

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Beat the Clock! Anti-Runway Strike vs. Scramble

It's May 1977 and Israeli Forces are flying in support of Dhimar. You are commanding CRAB flight, a two-ship element tasked with destroying Parani airfield P11 but beware! A two-ship flight of Parani MiG-21PFM's from P12 are already in the air and a four-ship flight of Parani Mig-21bis are desperately trying to scramble from the very same P11 airfield whose runway you are trying to bomb!

It's a race against time. Will you get there before the MiG's get airborne?

Simply add this game generated mission to your Missions folder. A quad-merged install is required.







The game generated this mission and I just love those missions when MiG's are trying to get off the ground just as you get there so I saved it. i hope it works for you.


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