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Cessna O-1E BirdDog Upgrade Pak -for 3rdWire O-1E-

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Cessna O-1E BirdDog Upgrade Pak -for 3rdWire O-1E-

Cessna O-1E BirdDog Pak -for 3rdWire O-1E-

= For SF2, Any and All


= Please Note: this is =NOT= a full aircraft mod. The LOD files are =NOT= included, as they are propritery of 3rdWire, and cannot be shared. So ... you =MUST= have one of the original 1stGen games - SFP1, WoV or WoE to extract the 4 needed LOD files from their Objects.cat. Instructions are in the 'To Install' section. =


This is a major overhaul of the stock, 1stGen O-1E BirdDog with a new, functioning cockpit, 4 skins and all new historically accurate serial numbers (albeit generic in nature, representing no particular unit; even the Canadian ones)


The skins are:


RCAF/CF CO-119 by ext (iirc)

OD Green by ???

USAF white (stock)

Pakistani Army Green (based on above, from Indo/Pak mod)


The RCAF/CF skin has all new decals, matching those used by Canada (*please seen "Notes" below for more on the CF serials*).

The OD Green skin from ?? has the "US Army" tag remade new, replacing that from my ancient L-19 mod, that was in the wrong font.

The USAF skin uses stock decals, as it has always done (F-100 serials).

Basically, other than stock National Insigia (and serials on the USAFWhite), all decals are new.


The cockpit is based off Kesselbrut's Yak-3 pit, HEAVILY modified to fit the O-1, with gauges repainted and converted/recalibrated to US standard (knots & feet). Some gauges do not work properly, but this is the closest we have (or more truthfully, the best I could

find). Lots of moves and other tweeks to both the data and cockpit ini make it fit like it kinda sorta shoulda.


Decal randomization is set to TRUE, so be at least at whichever patch level gave that to us.

The aircraft uses stock HVARs, but for fun I've included the M-60 underwing machine gun. So you can shoot stuff up. A revamped version of the 7.62mm M-60 gun is also included. A new Userlist.ini is supplied, with most of the Dog's users.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them -CAREFULLY-!! .... Also, see the "Notes" section for Vitally Important Information ™. Seriously ... you NEED to read it. In fact, after unzipping, you might want to read this document through before installing.


Happy Landings!


kevin stein


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