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Historic KLM DC-3 in Milan Linate

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in order to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the opening of the Amsterdam-Rome route, KLM organized a short tour with the Dutch Dakota Association's DC-3 in KLM livery. Few lukcy ones were also able to book a short flight on board this beautiful plane.


The first italian city visited by the DC-3 has been Milan (next cities will be Rome and Venice). Here are some shots from Milan Linate:


Landing after the journey from Basel:



The touristic flight was scheduled for 17:00, but the plane took off an hour earlier catching us by surprise. This photo should have been taken elsewhere, where heat haze should have been a minor problem.



Close-up on the nose before landing:



The take-off towards Rome:



Thank you for watching! :)

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PH-PBA is owned by the Dutch Dakota Assiciation and adopted by the KLM. They are flying a lot of celebration flights this year, see Youtube. Used to be the personal plane of Prince Bernhard. DDA tragically lost its first Dakota PH-DDA due to an engine quitting coupled with a failure in the propellor feathering mechanism.No one survived....... My brother in law was the chief crash investigator, took about a year to find out what the cause was. Flew a couple of times in that one, including my bachelors eve (got married the next day....)

Beautiful machine, thanks for the pics !!!:good::grin:





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