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  1. Happy Mach 1 Day!!!

    mmm.... 14 october 1947 not 11
  2. Valkyrie VF3

  3. Valkyrie VF3

  4. Don't Miss

    Magnum Research .45/70 caliber
  5. Hi Svetlin, would it be possible to have indications on .INI files to use the rack? It would be useful for a my version of the Italian Air Force of the Condor F1 of Coca's. Thanks!
  6. KF2 Hammer "Ra'am II" and "Baz II" (69 Sq early and late, 106 Sq and 133 Sq) IAF
  7. hi, any chance on releasing the rammi 2 or kf-2 in IAF skin. luv it.

    1. dsawan


      kf2 i mean


    2. mdatelmi



      give me a couple of days for check and assemble all (i'm a bit busy this days).



    3. dsawan
  8. Ohh...A template will be useful to me for Aeronautica Militare Italiana PANAVIA Tornado alternative.
  9. The effects are devastating!!! Big explosions and big holes in the ground... VERY funny to use!
  10. Something weird...the KF2 Super Gun! This thing is massive! And seems to work like a rocket pod...
  11. KF2 Hammer in IAF service as "Ra'am II"

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