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  1. Stunning...simply stunning!
  2. Very good news my friends

    Fantastic, mate! God bless you and your family!
  3. Locarno's 75th Anniversary airshow

    Stunning pics, mate! Thanks!
  4. Very cool camo scheme!! Good work, mate!
  5. Base visit @ Schleswig-Jagel (GE) during exercise "Jawtex"

    Wow...worderful pics! Thanks for sharing! It's nice to see our AMX "Ghibli"!
  6. Have you seen this yet?

    Very funny!!!
  7. H. R. Giger dead

    RIP H.R. Giger (Fu Ryu vinyl model kit - assembled and painted by me some years ago)
  8. Remember the Fallen

    My respect!
  9. USS Miami to be scrapped...

    No limit to human stupidity.....unbelievable!

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