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a bit OT, but still interesting...

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I'm having a break from OFF lately and revisited for a while, my old IL-2 Modding habits and sites.

(I'm trying to realise a Mod that enhances the poorely presented pilots and crew in old IL-2 1946).

Anyway, Biltongbru ,a guy from South Africa and a regular at the SAS IL-2 Modding site, posted this:



WW2 desert Hurricane pilot





I met a ww2 fighter pilot, Stewart "Bomb" Finney, who flew Hurricanes and Spitfires in North Africa 1941-1942 with SAAF 1 Squadron. His memory is excellent and I interviewed him on camera. To make the interviews interesting I added some IL-2 animation, including bits of CoD.


Here an example: (5 minutes) Thanks to Cheruskerarmin for the SAAF hurricane skins, they look awesome! Used the great maps from Redko and dirt runway dust mod from (can’t remember )



Mr. Finney has a heap of war time photographs. I made a web site to present the photographs, videos and other interesting and relevant stuff including his log book:




Any questions to Mr. Finney are welcome as I see him often.


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