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  1. The FG was followed by a 3 digit number (the 3 last of the serial) in Hellenic F-104 Gs. It should have been FG-691 most probably. NO REPOST OF OTHER PEOPLE PICS, also need a pic on your own!
  2. Balloon winching down when attacked. Implementation of parachuting from balloons and from German planes in historically correct timeline,
  3. Pre covid 1916...

    Actually it was A/H1N1 1918....
  4. You hava to press and hold in order to lower and raise the gun.
  5. 1. Lower gun - Ctrl+G 2. Reload gun - Shift + Ctrl + G 3. Raise Gun - Shift + G Is the correct proccedure.
  6. Fantastic mission, Rick! I admire how you ceep your cool against so many opponents!
  7. I figured it out, never mind, thank you! (I was assigning the axis to Mixture 2 should have been to Mixture 1)
  8. I have an old SAITEK Aviator stick...throttle can be split in two axis assignements. In WOFF PE I had the mixture assigned to the second part of the throttle but in WOFF II I cannot. Any ideas?
  9. Downloading problem

    I've downloaded from another pc, installing now, thank you, Pol !
  10. I can't download WOFF BH&H II ( 5 times in a row the download has been terminated before completion)
  11. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    I used NVIDIA Shadowplay for the first time to take screenshots and found them in a folder named CFS3. Came on is this CFS3??? Congrats to all the members of the OBD team! :winner: (skin by James 'OvS' Romano with minor tweaks by me)
  12. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    Fantastic videos, as always, Hellshade! What happened in the second Tripe one?
  13. Who Is This?

    Menchoff? I called it without any search... I know I'm wrong now...
  14. That's right, Olham! I was about to ask about that writing...Thank you!
  15. Albatros windscreen question...

    To aim the gun through the glass in case of staining...

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