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  1. Fantastic videos, as always, Hellshade! What happened in the second Tripe one?
  2. Who Is This?

    Menchoff? I called it without any search... I know I'm wrong now...
  3. That's right, Olham! I was about to ask about that writing...Thank you!
  4. To aim the gun through the glass in case of staining...
  5. In my opinion...the padding is mostlly for protection in case of "hard" landings...
  6. What a thread!!! I was comparing the two photos of D.632/17... it seems like the upper wing camo is different or my eyes fool me? On the top photo I see a dark-light-dark combo while on the bottom one, the darker patch seems to be on the center... or it's pure sky reflections on the glossy doped wing and the subtle shadows, just fool my eyes.
  7. 1915, Boelcke Takes Off With Nurse Blanka - James Field
  8. I got it too...today, at last... Won't be trying it till the weekend though...
  9. Do we know, when the offer expires?
  10. It was the right thing to do to the dedicated supporters... I felt like cheated when I saw the price, (and made a fuzz about it, at SimHQ) having purchaced everything upon release at full charge!
  11. It's a Nord 1002 Pingouin II https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nord_Pingouin
  12. So we are going to make some corrections needed to the Albatros 3D model, Olham?
  13. The Crimson Field

    I have watched this one...nice drama. Any news about a second season?
  14. Back to topic, here is a form of early killmarkings on the plane (Albatros D.V) of Walter Kypke, of Jasta 41...

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