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JASDF F-104J Starfighter, SF-2 Re-Optimization Pak

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JASDF F-104J Starfighter, SF-2 Re-Optimization Pak

JASDF F-104J Starfighter, SF-2 Re-Optimization

= For SF2 (Any/All, but Full-4 Merged Prefered) =


*Note: Usable for any SF2 install with access to the F-104G*

*Note2: You should have made them Flyable as per the CA Knowledge Base article @



Follow the instructions therein!


*Note3: this is NOT the full aircraft -- just some fixes. Read on...




Some general cleanup and optimization of the EXCELLENT! JASDF F-104J by Spillone104 for SF2


Designed to be applied Directly =OVER= these 2 paks:


Original Aircraft Pak:




paulopanz's sf2 upgrade pak:




It -MUST- be installed after these 2 are installed, right over paulo's pak.



Latest data ini (as of Sept,2011)

Loadouts adjusted

Uses 'built-in' drop tanks and skins (sknis supplied)

All decals inis adjusted to have squadron badge at Level 1

All textureset inis have correct format for squadron listings.

Canopy operates via manual key (surprise! Shift/0)

New SF2-style hangar screen (photograph)


This will bring the flight model and avionics up to the latest patch level. All weapons used are (or should be!) stock in-game items. In the instructions below, are also the listings to use for the Squadronlist.ini, to add the Hikotai to the game.


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them ....


Clear Skies!


kevin stein


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