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Anyone using a G940 with SF2? I just installed a G940 and am a little overwhelmed with all the choices for buttons, wheels, hats, and etc..


I was wondering if someone else was using one, what profile setup, and why that setup to help me get mine up to speed.



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I don´t use game profiler for SF2 because I don´t need it. I bought G940 only for SF2 series. This is what I did with my G940.


At first I calibrated joystick and throttle in windows. Then I launched the game and went to the options panel and configured my setup. You can customize your own button setups very quickly and easily. Some measure of pre-planning may be very helpful.


For example, I decided to locate weapon controls(not all options, just the necessary ones like "next air to air weapon" etc.) , air brakes and acquiring the nearest hostile targets or radar targets in the joystick buttons and radar mode and range functions to throttle hats. The eight lighted throttle buttons are very useful, too.


For example, I have padlock view, weapon view, ecm, autopilot and stuff like that selected there. I don´t use other than one mode in throttle(there is three, which you probably knew already). I don´t mind having many functions in the keyboard, I just want to have my hands on throttle and stick when the going gets tough.


Check latest G940 software from Logitech homepage. Very often, when I start a mission my rudders are not centered. to center them, just move the rudders fully once or twice, that´ll do the job.


This is just the way I did it and it works for me because I´m a very simple man. Experiment different combinations and best of luck!!!:good:



It would be very interesting to know how other G940 users have configured their hardware.


It´s 2:03 a.m. in Finland now but i still have time to perform a strike to Cuba with my Silent Eagle before I go to bed...:crazy:








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Here's my profile.


Also, there are two files I tweak for the stick feel. You may want to play with these to tweak the feel to your liking.









ForceFeedbackGain=110 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



FLIGHTFFBEFFECT.INI (have to extract)






PositiveCoefficient=1.60 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

NegativeCoefficient=1.60 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<





There's a lot to tweak in FLIGHTFFBEFFECT.INI, but those are the only two I've changed.


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