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.... another 6 man who died for our freedom......:salute:

(they almost made it to the end of the war..........)


A mere 3 weeks before the German capitulation in Holland, Halifax NA347, 298 Sq. (RAF Tarant Rushton) was shot down by Flak on April 12th 1945 on a weapondropping mission for the Dutch resistance. Crash site in the dunes near Vogelzang, was there this morning for deer spotting.



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The poor lads who flew on the British four-engined night bombers, sent to their death by 'Butcher' Harris, had probably one of the highest rates of losses in the War, just after the German U-Boots, the Soviet disciplinary units, and the Japanese Kamikazes! Just have a look at the decorated tail of Schnaufer, highest-scoring night ace ever: a real graveyard! Respect to all of those men who fell in the night... :salute:


The last weeks of the War were intense enough for many to die just before the Peace. I had once met a young Russian whose grandfather, an airman he said, was shot down and killed over Austria in May 1945, a handful of days before the end...


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