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Republic F-84C Thunderjet by RussoUK, for SF2

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Republic F-84C Thunderjet by RussoUK, for SF2

Republic F-84C Thunderjet, 59th FIS, 33 FIW (by RussoUK)

=For SF2, Any and All (Full-4 Merged Reccomended/Preferred,etc)


*Expansion Pak 1 may be necessary for WW2 era weapons, if not using the GunnyPak*


Some modifications, tweeks, and general fiddlating on Russo's early Thunderjet.

AKA: revamping of my very old F-84B/C mod, refocused on just the C model (Bs did a lot of crashing and self-disassembly, and wound up back at the factory, or on 'fire training')


Serial/Buzz number are 100% correct for the 33rd FIW; those marked in the Numbers.lst with a star (*) have 100% positively IDed as being from the 59th FIS. All others are, again, from the 33rd, but was unable to 'attach' them to any specific squadron(s) within The Wing. Decal radomazation is set to "TRUE"


Like the recently released F-84E & G, it has a new 'experimental' SF2-level flight model, uses the same Sabre drop tanks, and uses the same manual keyed animation (surprise! Shift/0) to open and close the canopy. It also uses the same sound file, not included. The same 'generic-style' hangar screen from the G is included as well. A userlist is included; as these were ONLY used by the USAF, it may be moot!


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them!! As always, the usual "Notes" section for other interestering details and stuff.


Good Hunting


kevin stein

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