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Direct.gov e-petition website

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I just LOVE the Direct.gov e-petition site...some of the petitions are hilarious!


For the benefit of Non-Brits...our Government have set up an e-petition website, where members of the public can put up a petition.

If it gets over 100,000 votes...it will be discussed in Parliament, and may change/add Laws.

Great idea in principle...and often highly amusing!!!...as it allows every loony in the UK to put forward their particular brand of potty ideas


..here's a few of my favourites...


Protect airline passengers against hijack by nerve gassing entire cabin




Copper Thefts - should be classed as an act of terrorism


Bring in Lashing as a punishment (5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 -100 lashes) per crime


Remove the Prime Minister Immediately & Restore Democracy


To force Kim Gandy AKA Boadicea Iceni to stop showing her breasts in her FB profile


Bring back some form of legalised Cocaine


Aren't the British Wonderful????...hahahahaha

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That would be awesome! I set up some kind of petition to have a national flogging day for the members of the public to absolutely go nuts on the members of both houses! I'd love to paddle Tony Abbott's head (and his massive wingnut ears) with some kind of wooden bat-like apparatus. You know, like the kind we beat the English with in that game... It's like baseball, but not mind numbingly boring... you know the one Widowmaker.



Seriously, that's pretty awesome! Completely meaningless, but still sweet that it's actually in place!

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I want that down here, on the other side of the Channel! I can just imagine our first petitions, among classics:


-- Zidane president !


-- Remove Nicolas Sarkozy's high heels


-- Remove Carla Bruni's clothes


-- Remove Dominique Strauss-Kahn's balls


-- Forbid sober driving

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