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ArcMod for HPW's Damage Mod 1.25

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ArcMod for HPW's Damage Mod 1.25

This version of ArcMod, like the other version uploaded to CombatAce in Oct 2011, alters the arcs of fire for the observers' guns in all OFF Phase 3's 2-seaters (except the twin-Lewis-gunned FE2b and the fixed-Lewis BE2c, neither of which really needed any change).


The only difference with this version is that it includes HPW's 1.25 Damage Model for the included 2-seaters. It is designed to be installed AFTER and ON TOP OF HPW's 1.25 DM - see 'installation' in the Readme for details. This enables both mods to be in use at the same time, instead of one or the other, so you can get both the improved DM and the increased 2-seater arcs of fire.


Easy installation with Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler. Enable only after HPW's DM 1.25, ignoring JSGME warnings as the files concerned DO need to be over-written.


Thanks are due to Herr Prop Wasche for producing this version!


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