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Salutations all.


Just bought a new machine and now going through the motions of installing all my material for the Strike Fighters 2 series.

The issue I am having is that the afterburners plumes (flames) are not appearing, when they are active, on any of the planes I have used so far.

The whole ass end of the plane lights up, as if to suggest they are active, but no flamage.

This is what I have installed so far, and in order:





Patch SF2I_update_Jun2010 (note: the game would not let me install "SF2_update_Jun2010", it insisted on the Israel patch)

Patch SF2_update_May2011

Patch SF2_update_Nov2011

NATO Fighters 4+, minus the Campaigns and Menus directories, so I have the basic SF2 menus system.

200+ other airplane packs.


System specs, below.


How do I get this to make the afterburners appear in the game?

Thanks for your time...


Brian "MiG Hound" Smith

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Not entirely sure what I am looking for in the knowledge base.


With a more detailed examination of the graphic elements during gameplay, I am now finding that not all aircraft are without afterburner effects. F-16s, Floggers, show the burner plume, and a few others. It seems completely random, both stock and third party models are affected.


Check the SF2 knowledge base regarding adding material shader statements.

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Open up any and every .ini in your effects folder that has an *afterburner* in it's name, scroll down to the material statement, and make sure that the first line under the material header is:




And that's all that's required

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