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For a Christmas present for you patient Barmy OFF flyers and new potential OFF owners we have put together some clips from our Work-in-progress from PHASE 4 of OVER FLANDERS FIELDS.


NOTES: This is a PREVIEW of PHASE 4 (Working title) of the next generation of Over Flanders Fields WW1 Flight Simulator -


* * Damage Model and some Effects shown are still using older Phase 3 code for the moment until we update * *


* * Please note this is still WORK -in- PROGRESS * *



Also note many things are not shown but we will when we are ready :)


...and no don't ask when it's out - you know the answer already :)!




Link is on our main page, NEWS section on the top right on the main content page (click the link on there instead will take you to a larger sized window, or of course you can click through on the youtube link and select High Quality etc as normal).





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