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  1. Virtual cockpit issue

    Glad you are up and running tone12. There's no change to how cockpit view works in the update. It is more likely you fixed it when you re-bound your joystick controls.
  2. Seaplane

    We have a long list of aircraft that we want to do, but hopefully one day...
  3. AI pilot query

    If your flight is split over the front, when you finally land it is best to wait for them to also arrive and land (unless you are wounded or aircraft badly damaged). You can at least wait for them to be seen near a landing field. Otherwise, some could still be over the lines and then there's more of a chance they may not make it back. If you quit early we have to work out the results of those aircraft not yet accounted for. Of course when you have landed you could put time advance on.
  4. Virtual cockpit issue

    What Gaw says basically. The sim does not "auto" change views at all. Go to WOFF's Workshops menu, and launch "ReMap Keys/Controllers" Select each controller you have and check what is bound to buttons and axis carefully. Remove or rebind whatever is not correct. Also on 2nd column at the top change the filter to "ViewControl" and see what's there from the keys point of view too.
  5. I had a look, and I believe it is correct. Several images and videos show the controls as such. One crashed image shows "Advance and Retard" signs next to the side control indicating it is a mixture lever. In the FE2b in WOFF the throttle is on the control stick (look down, easier with TrackIR). There are images with the controls where I have them. If you have information to the contrary, then I'm all ears. I have also seen images with two levers on the opposite side (throttle/mixture it looks like) but maybe anoter other variant.
  6. OK Becker02 thanks, I think the padding is actually bulkier there in LOD100 to give the effect. But looking at it, yes it's not the same. There may be many small things like that in aircraft, the LOD100 is reduced detail from the VC of course where it's right in your face and many 1000s of polys can be used. But next time I look at the Halb (s) maybe I will add it.
  7. Mission end

    In the compatiblity properties for CFS3.exe, set it to run as an administrator. Sounds like your system is not allowing cfs3 to write the outcomes (or WOFF manager to read them). May need WOFF.exe setting to that too.
  8. Troubles crashing

    Ah well done McCarty13 sorry I missed this post originally. Not sure, 64 bit access is required, so depends if WIn7 compat also gives you 64 bit Win7. It may run in 32 bit mode but long missions may not run properly.
  9. October 4, 2022. Hi all, We have posted more info and pictures on the website news section, for the recently announced BATTLE OF FRANCE Expansion coming soon to WINGS OVER THE REICH! Please check it out here !
  10. Greater map zoom?

    Welcome gallen13, glad you are enjoying it too! No currently there's no more zoom, however you could open the bitmaps yourself on another PC or tablet etc, and zoom into the image yourself. Of course this way you would not get to see the current targets etc just the area itself. for example \WOFF\WOFFScenery\Period\1917\Map will have the current map up to May 1917. 1917-6 folder is from June onwards -the front line moves in WOFF.
  11. Out of the loop...

    Glad your vision was sorted Trooper117 - give the bally Hun hell!
  12. Weird issue with Goggles

    Cockpit view press F4 to cycle the cockpit on /off. F6 views gunsight if it has 1.
  13. Wings Over The Reich Dev News

    Please see the new post in the News section!
  14. We have updated the website with some new info and pictures on the development of the WOTR Expansion, hope you guys enjoy! https://www.wingsoverthereich.com
  15. Hi all, Old Brown Dog Software is proud to announce details of the expansion we have been working so hard on for WINGS OVER THE REICH, and it is: The Battle of France Take your part in a new, whirlwind, dynamic campaign as the Germans invade France bursting through the Ardennes Forest, taking the allies completely by surprise. OBD has designed an utterly unique campaign system for the fast-paced dynamic blitzkrieg war - never seen before at this level in any combat flight simulator. In a matter of weeks in the summer of 1940, the Germans push through the Ardennes and following along the Somme valley, effectively cut the French forces in two, and isolate the remnants of the BEF and French 1st Armies in Dunkirk. Soon you can take part in this exciting early WW2 period, with the Battle of France add-on for Wings Over the Reich! Release date and final details to be confirmed. For more details, images and information please see the WOTR website! There you can click the Red button below the announcement to read the full newsletter - this has dozens of new images and more info! OR here's a direct link to the newsletter with the extra WOTR details and images! --> HERE <-- (On the WOTR website, press CTRL+F5 to refresh the page if you do not see the latest news).
  16. Ooh below the belt Sir. Luckily not any more, Britain has some very fine chefs and restaurants now and a world mixture of cultures.
  17. WOFF BH&H II CHANGE LOG: Changes; Version 1.34 16 August 2022 1) Squadrons that are not 'operational' will no longer be forced to carry out historical (scripted) attack or defence missions. 2) Fixed an issue that did not return the player to the main menu correctly when an invalid/unavailable squadron craft is assigned in campaign. 3) Addressed a 'mission type' loop counter error in Gotha Squadrons and some other Bomber Squadrons when the player elects to fly in poor weather. 4) Fixed an issue that prevented the player loading rockets on certain aircraft in campaign. 5) Fixed an inventory display issue for Ace aircraft, when returning to planning room after having already setup payloads. 6) Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause the briefing room map to not be centred on the mission flight. 7) Addressed a naming issue in FA(A) 208s squadron database. 8) Aircraft minor fixes; Sopwith Pup adjusted view FOV slightly. Fixed issue with prop hubs on BEx series. Of course this includes our "RECON WARS" FREE expansion - an incredible feature-rich FREE update to V1.21 for WOFF BH&H II users! Please see the WOFF BH&H II download page on our website for more information, or to download. (The download is large so please be patient with downloads!). If you still see an older download there, refresh the page using Ctrl F5 keys on your keyboard together. You can also download the complete Recon Wars Notes and how to play here : Recon Wars Notes here
  18. Hi guys, to separate the pics and videos from the chat please post new pics and vids here! For those that have not seen the preview videos yet of the forthcoming WOFF Between Heaven & Hell 2 here's the official video, and a longer one by Creaghorn below;
  19. I think Rick as asking what happened in the scrap between you and the Nieups.
  20. Great pictures CaptSopwith. I must say the scenery in all those looks excellent but the last pic looks especially good, WM did a superb job.
  21. Hello WOFF Pilots, A new exciting FREE update to V1.33, is out now for Wings Over Flanders Fields Between Heaven and Hell II with new features! Changes; Version 1.33 2 August 2022 1) Implemented graded maneuver ratings for all WW1 Aircraft as they improved over time. Lower Maneuver ratings means the A.I. carry out less complex maneuvers. 2) 2 Seaters that were used as 'fighters' will now behave more historically correct. 3) Pilot Skill Morale and Health now directly affects the A.I. aircraft maneuver capabilities dynamically in runtime- a wounded/injured pilot will start to carry out less complex maneuvers. 4) Fixed an issue that prevented the Sopwith Pup skins from changing correctly. 5) Aircraft model fix for the DH5 - converted it from pedal power (feet sticking through the floor), into a full adult version using an engine instead, and some other very minor tweaks to blurred engine, and wing tips. Some other misc fixes for other aircraft models.
  22. Great vid Hellshade !
  23. Out of the loop...

    Wow sorry to hear that Trooper sounds like a chore with the medication. Wishing you best of luck and the best health care.
  24. We have had no other reports. It's possible the simulation.xml was in use or locked when you upgraded. The error is fairly straightforward says it cannot write to outcomes.xml so something it blocking it, Windows, Anti-Virus or something else. You may need to try run as an administrator in compatibility settings. I'll move this to the correct sub forum for technical issues. Or possibly re-install. Did you reboot and try?
  25. Date Advance Question

    V1.32 is now released.

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