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Not sure if I'll get an answer here but I've nothing to loose.


Firstly, I've patched up to the latest .10m version. Also use the #UP#, JSGME mod. No problems there. Everything runs seemingly ok.


Recently invited to a game depicting early Spanish Civil War aircraft. This is where I found that some of those aircraft wasn't in my itinerary, even though the files for some of them are in the "paint schemes/skins folder".



J8A, listed but not in the selectable list.

B-534-IV, not listed.





Now V.08m states in the read-me that all planes are playable.

The game I was invited to uses the standard version with patches up to .10m, so #up# mods aren't turned on and not the problem.


I've re-installed a fresh clean copy or the original and step by step added the mod's one at a time stopping each time to check the plane inventory, nothing.


What am I missing here???


This also brings up another question of what else am I missing that I don't know about????


If anyone can answer this I'd be surprised and thankful at the same time, but I don't think so.

It's one of those "don't make sense" questions.


Salute all!

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You should post this here:




This is the online community specifically for IL2. Hope this gets you going!!



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