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McDonnell F3H-2 Demon Ultimate for SF2

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McDonnell F3H-2 Demon Ultimate for SF2

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This is the third of four projects I have been working on for the last 6 months. It will be followed by an F7U Cutlass Ultimate Package(when fully completed). I am also planning an F11F Tiger Ultimate package to follow .



The F3H-2N and -2M were all built under contracts initially intended to cover for the disasterous F3H-1N. Following the completion of these contracts, a new Demon version was ordered in 1956-57 under a new set of contracts. This version was designated F3H-2 (F-3B after 1962). The F3H-2 could carry and launch the more capable AAM-N-6 (AIM-7C after September 1962) Sparrow III semi-active radar homing missile. The Sparrow III was a definite improvement over the Sparrow I, which was a pure beam riding missile, with no active homing capability, which meant that the guidance error was in the shape of a cone, which increased in diameter as the range inceased. The F3H-2 could also launch the AAM-N-7 (AIM-9B) Sidewinder IA air-to-air infrared homing air-to-air missile. The F3H-2 was equipped with an AN/APG-51B radar along with the AN/APA-127 Illuminator/Launch Envelope computer. The F3H-2 was optimized as a FIGHTER-BOMBER and could carry up to 6000 pounds of ordnance (bombs, rockets, or "special stores") on two fuselage and six wing stations. Late production F3H-2's also differed from the previous versions in having a slightly shorter beaver tail cone. The last of 239 F3H-2s was delivered on April 8, 1960, bringing the Demon production program to a close. Total Demon production was 519 aircraft. An interesting note is that there is NO EVIDENCE of the Demon ever being handed down to the USN Reserves. It seems almost all Demons were sent directly to NAS Litchfield Park and the scrapper. Only a handful remain today in museums......how sad.


Being underpowered was its major flaw. The original Westinghouse J-40 never materialized and the J-71 was fitted instead. Pilots called the Demon the "Lead Sled" or just "Sled".


This is a major rework of the existing F3H-2M demon file into the 3 variants. Almost everything has been tweeked to make it more accurate in appearance and performance. The skins have been painstakingly researched and re-created. Every squadron which flew

this -2 model Demon is represented here including changes in their scheme over time. The flight model has been adjusted to fly like the Demon and give you performance worthy of its nickname. There are new Hangar and Loading Screens as well.


Only Squadrons which operated this -2 variant of the Demon are included in the skins.




VF-13 Aggressors

VF-14 Tophatters

VF-21 Freelancers

VF-31 Tomcatters (2 skin versions)

VF-41 Black Aces (2 skin versions)

VF-53 Puking Dogs

VF-54 Silver Kings

VF-64 Freelancers

VF-92 Silver Kings

VF-101 Grim Reapers

VF-121 Pacemakers (2 skin versions)

VF-131 Nightcappers

VF-141 Iron Angels

VF-151 Vigilantes (2 skin versions)

VF-161 Chargers

VF-193 Ghost Riders (3 skin versions)

VF-213 Black Lions


YES....THAT IS 23 SEPARATE SKINS!!!!!!!! All are researched and re-created here. Bureau Numbers are accurate for 3 blocks of the F3H-2 Production line (blocks h,p and t).


A new weapons file for the AIM-7A Sparrow I missile is included. LET IT OVERWRITE any previous AIM-7A's you may have. This one is a new and CORRECT model.


There are separate ini files to allow the user to operate Air to Ground Missions (with different ordanance pylons). PLEASE SEE READ-ME for details


A read-me file is enclosed which contains installation instructions and credits.


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