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ANG KC-135R skins

ANG KC-135R StratoTanker Skins


Contained within this pack are skins for the following ANG units:


117th ARW - Alabama ANG

126th ARW - Illinois ANG

128th ARW - Wisconsin ANG

134th ARW - Tennessee ANG

155th ARW - Nebraska ANG

171th ARW - Pennsylvania ANG

185th ARW - Iowa ANG


These skins are to the best of creative abilities.


Screen shots are a preview of a few skins that are contained within the pack. I also added some noseart pieces to a few of the skins.


Follow the readme for installation instructions.


Thanks to the following:


- TK and Thirdwire

- 'Dave' for the following:

- For the KC-135R model original release.

- The 'Illinois' on the 126th ARW was taken from the KC-135E model.

- The 'ANG' on the tail and the ANG emblem on all of the skins were taken from the KC-135E model.

- Due to lack of references on the tail numbers, all of the skins in this pack use the KC-135E tail numbers.

-DWCACE for providing some detailed photos of a KC-135R


- airliners.net, airfighters.com, and af.mil for skin references


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joe baugher's site will have a complete listing of serials, by fiscal year if needed

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