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Altering Font Sizes

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OK apologies if somebody has already posted this, but I found the radar in the top right annoying, so after scratching around I understood I could extract the huddata.ini file from FlightData.cat and by deleting the word "radar" turn it off.


I also altered the textsize setting to 10 (from 12) which made the other boxes (Waypoint Info & Target Info) a bit smaller, and then extracted the messagesystem.ini and altered the textsixe to 10 there as well.


believe me it makes a nice difference - still perfectly readable but nowehere near as intrusive.


It's also worth doing the flightengine.ini highdetailoption adjustment maxtextureres=0 (instaed of -1) improved my rame rate with no detail problems or loss I could notice!


Hope this helps somebody

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Cool, thanks for the tips! I'll mess with that maxtextures setting here as well.

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